Advanced Summit on

Medical Device Patents

Comprehensive and Practical Prosecution and Litigation Strategies for an Evolving IP Landscape

Tuesday, March 05 to Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Millennium Knickerbocker, Chicago, IL

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Be a part of the nation’s premier forum dedicated solely to the challenges- and opportunities- facing medical device patent practitioners amidst rapidly-evolving industry standards…

In response to the daunting challenges facing the medical device industry, ACI’s Advanced Summit on Medical Device Patents provides a forum for the key players - preeminent in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, the PTO, and judges - to unite and share their collective intellectual property knowledge to provide you with cutting-edge patent strategies you can immediately incorporate into your practice before the historic switch to first-to-file on March 16th, 2013. 

The ongoing implementation of the American Invents Act…massive changes in subject matter patentability post-Mayo v. Prometheus… increased vulnerability to allegations of infringements post-Akamai…These developments signal that 2013 will continue to be a period of uncertainty and upheaval for the medical device patent community. 

Amidst pivotal case law changes affecting the patentability of devices and the rollout of landmark patent reform into actual practice, it is more crucial than ever for medical device companies to diligently protect intellectual property and maximize device patent life through a cohesive prosecution and litigation strategy.  Featuring first-hand insight from the USPTO and current and former judges in medical device litigation hotbeds, this conference is the premiere conference for medical device companies to devise strategies to strengthen patent rights and prevent costly litigation.  

By attending this conference you will be armed with the tools to file patents flawlessly and defend patents vigorously. Strengthen your device patent portfolio as you learn how to use the major developments in medical device intellectual property from leading members of the patent bar who are setting the standards in device prosecution and litigation, including representatives from Medtronic, Stryker & Zimmer

In this time of sweeping changes and with such high stakes in the lucrative medical device market, this industry-specific intellectual property conference will provide you with the certainty in your claiming and defense strategies which you need more than ever

While this is a time of great challenges for device companies, there is also a sky-high potential for growth, both domestically and into previously untapped global markets with increased access to healthcare.

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