17th Advanced Forum on

Life Sciences Collaborative Agreements and Acquisitions

Maximizing Opportunities and Rewards in M&A, Licensing, Partnering Deals, and Strategic Alliances

Wednesday, February 27 to Thursday, February 28, 2013
The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY

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Learn the Art of the Deal and Succeed in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market  

As life sciences companies seek to combat ever-rising R&D costs, it is essential for every life sciences company to have the most effective negotiating strategies to ensure that the deal covers all contingencies essential to the collaboration.  And as pharmaceutical pipelines dry up and innovation is more diffusely spread across the sector, effectively collaborating with other entities is more critical to success than ever before.  With so much on the line, everyone involved in the deal making process from counsel, intellectual property leaders, business development executives, and alliance managers need expert advice and instruction.

At American Conference Institute‚Äôs 17th Advanced Forum on Life Sciences Collaborative Agreements and Acquisitions, a seasoned faculty of business development, licensing, and alliance management executives from top life sciences companies like Pfizer, AstaZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis, and Bayer will help you enable your company to advance its key growth strategies.  In just two days, these experienced professionals will share:
  • In-depth analysis of recent trends in collaboration
  • Valuable strategies for managing fruitful alliances
  • Best practices for structuring deals to maximally benefit all parties
  • Tips for working with academic institutions
  • Methods for crafting effective termination provisions, and much more
You will also receive expert instruction on how to avoid antitrust problems directly from the Federal Trade Commission, mitigating the effects of patent reform on deal making, spreading and limiting risk, and exposing deal-killing IP problems before they wreak havoc.

In addition, exclusive post-conference workshops will cover:

  • Strategies for executing due diligence procedures, like managing legal risks associated with collaborations, comparing differing metrics used in M&A deals, and crafting checklists to perform effectively IP diligence.
  • The collaborative agreement review and strategy session where attendees can compare redacted collaboration contracts to develop best practices for drafting effective agreements.
Take this opportunity to get the most current and comprehensive information and advice regarding strategic partnering agreements in an environment that will provide valuable networking opportunities.

Register now for this timely event by calling 888.224.2480, by fax at 877.927.1563, or register online at americanconference.com/collaborations