American Conference Institute's 17th National Advanced Forum on

Asbestos Claims & Litigation

Thursday, June 26 to Friday, June 27, 2014
InterContinental Chicago, Chicago, IL

American Conference Institute’s 17th National Advanced Forum on 

ASBESTOS: Claims & Litigation 

June 26-27 2014 • InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile •   Chicago, IL

ACI’s 17th Annual Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation, is the only event where law, science, and medicine intersect and provide practitioners with clarity and certainty with respect to the industry’s most pressing issues. This year’s agenda has been revamped to provide you with strategic advice, critical insights, and comprehensive updates for:

  • Where asbestos litigation is headed short and long term: Legislative issues and the politics of litigation; newer products and tertiary defendants; and hotbed jurisdictions (Illinois, Missouri, California, New York)
  • The “every exposure theory”: Recent court decisions, notable experts and their causation testimony, and the cross-examination of the “every exposure counts” expert
  • Lung cancer claims: Medical updates on new studies and the latest on underlying asbestos exposure and smoking in determining the presence/absence of asbestosis 
  • The effect of the estimation ruling in the Garlock bankruptcy case and the latest on courts and legislatures providing for greater transparency between the trust claim and civil tort systems
  • Differential diagnosis and gene studies: the evolution of mesothelioma claims
  • New trends in the state of the art
  • Daubert hearings challenging expert opinions and methodologies in light of Barabin
  • Current science and claims involving cosmetic talc
  • New international issues associated with the increased filings by foreign litigants and the defense of cases involving a plaintiff with foreign exposures
  • Component part supplier claims and asbestos equipment litigation
  • Apportionment: Products, product types, product uses, product identification witnesses, deposition strategies, and beyond
  • The use of asbestos by the United States Military other than the Navy