Asbestos Claims & Litigation Chicago

Monday, June 27 to Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront, Chicago, IL

ACI’s 21st National Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation returns to Chicago.

It is the only event where law, science, and medicine intersect and provide practitioners with clarity and certainty with respect to the industry’s most pressing issues. This year’s agenda has been revamped to provide you with strategic advice, critical insights, and comprehensive updates for:

  • State by State Survey of Hotbed Jurisdictions: IL, PA, CA, and More; Key Filing Trends and Rulings With Regard to Personal Jurisdiction, Obtaining Jurisdiction over Corporations, Choice of Law, Discovery, Removal, FNC, Duty to Warn, Causation, “Each and Every Exposure”, and Punitive Damages

  • The Fallout Surrounding Bankruptcy Trust Transparency, Plus the Effect of RICO Actions

  • Lung Cancer: New Medical and Legal Considerations Including Cases Involving Smokers and the Science Behind Proving Causation

  • Key Updates in Take Home and Bystander Exposure Cases

  • Mesothelioma: Latest Trends, Genetic Components, Meso Gene Theory, Idiopathic Cases/Minimal Exposure, Emerging Types of Mesos, and More

  • Legal Developments Related to The Single Fiber/Any Exposure/Each and Every Exposure Theory

  • Talc Cases: Litigating Claims Involving Products Containing Talc

  • Former Employee Lawsuits: Update on Filings Against Former Employers in Common Law Tort Actions

  • The Case Against the Non-Asbestos Defendant Such as the Equipment Manufacturer: The Evolution of Theories and Strategies With Regard to the Various Types of Defendants, Including Component Part Liability

  • Ethical Issues Faced by Lawyers Practicing Asbestos Litigation (featuring CLE Ethics)

  • Juror Communication: Dealing with and Countering the Reptile Approach

  • Recent Developments with the Navy Cases and Knowledge of the Hazards of Asbestos

  • Role of Unions in Asbestos Litigation

  • New International Issues Associated With Motions to Apply Foreign Law

  • The Current State of Engineering Design Firm Duty and the Statute of Repose Defense for Construction Work Related to Asbestos Exposure

  • Insurance Coverage Issues: Loss Portfolio Transfers, Retroactive Reinsurance, Legacy Liabilities, Long Tail Losses, Trigger, Allocation, Successor Rights After Mergers, and More

  • Dealing With Increased Requests for Corporate Witness Depositions and Preparing Company Witnesses for Testimony

  • Update on State Adoption of the Bare Metal Defense

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