Asbestos Claims & Litigation

Thursday, January 15 to Friday, January 16, 2015
The Union League of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

ACI’s 18th National Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation returns to Philadelphia for its east coast installment. It is the only event where law, science, and medicine intersect and provide practitioners with clarity and certainty with respect to the industry’s most pressing issues. This year’s agenda has been revamped to provide you with strategic advice, critical insights, and comprehensive updates for:
  • State of the market: hotbed states; increased lung cancer and mesothelioma filings; recent removal and FNC rulings; trends in joint and several liability, punitive, successor liability, and supplier liability/duty to warn; and newer defendants and plaintiffs (including women) and issues associated with these new parties

  • Increased in lung cancer claims: Madison County developments; new forum non conveniens issues; the latest on the interrelation between asbestos, asbestosis, smoking & lung cancer; and new issues with regard to “take home” exposure as a cause of lung cancer

  • Garlock estimation ruling; new procedural issues (discovery motions, motion to unseal records, lack of enforcement mechanisms and what to do with the information at trial); how these issues impact future liability; and the latest trust transparency nuances given increased court awareness, judge familiarity and recent trend requiring full disclosure of claims

  • Take home and bystander exposure: jurisdictional variations and recent rulings; epidemiology studies and take home duty; current scientific literature; recent developments in the defense that exposure was idiopathic or occurs from nature; and new liability implications when premise owners are included on the verdict form

  • Examining the Tooey case in PA and its impact with workers compensation laws in different jurisdictions and how it shapes the course of asbestos litigation going forward

  • Contractor liability for disturbing asbestos on a job site, installing asbestos, or removing asbestos

  • Causation, causation, causation: the latest on dose in asbestos including low dose exposure claims, and recent trends, decisions and expert testimony (including cross-examination) with regard to the “every exposure theory”

  • The use of asbestos by the United States Military other than the Navy

  • Expert witnesses in asbestos cases: Daubert challenges, developing a record for the challenge, and winning the science battle in the courtroom

  • Component part supplier claims and asbestos equipment litigation: the evolution of theories and strategies with regard to the various types of defendants

  • New insurance coverage issues

  • Litigation, deposition, trial and jury strategies to allocate fault

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