CAS Compliance & Adequacy

Meeting Compliance, Consistency and Disclosure Statement Requirements under the Cost Accounting Standards

Monday, September 26 to Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Hilton Arlington Crystal City Airport, Arlington, VA

Prepare for vigorous DCAA audits, and ensure your organization is equipped to prevent expensive allocability errors and lost profits!

Pressure on contractors to ensure ongoing CAS compliance has increased exponentially due to rising DCAA scrutiny. As the U.S. Government looks to implement meaningful budget cuts and revisit contractor accounting practices, it is critical to ensure uniformity and consistency in your CAS compliance practices throughout the life of your U.S. Government contracts.

At American Conference Institute’s National Summit on CAS Compliance & Adequacy, you will learn practical strategies to overcome the highly technical and complex challenges in achieving and maintaining CAS compliance.

Unlike other CAS training events, this is the only comprehensive, practical conference that will afford you the unique opportunity to benchmark and gain fi rst-hand perspectives from the CAS Board, senior in-house government contract executives, lawyers and accountants. The discussion will not only delve into key requirements, but will also focus on providing you with real-world tools that you can apply to your daily work.

Conference panel discussions are geared to give participants the multi-dimensional perspective that is needed to cover pressing issues affecting industry, including CAS applicability to subcontractors, harmonization of CAS with the Pension Protection Act, and working with your business units to determine what needs to be disclosed and how.Practical sessions will include:

  • CAS Board priorities and inter-agency cooperation
  • Determining what needs to be included in the disclosure statement when transitioning from non-CAS to CAS-covered contracts
  • Managing pension costs under CAS 412 and 413, and overlapping ERISA requirements
  • How the ATK Thiokol case affects the allocability of IR&D costs under CAS 420
  • Establishing reasonable G & A costs under CAS 403
  • Managing and preparing for DCAA CAS audits
  • How and if CAS applies to foreign contractors, including subcontractors and subsidiaries of US contractors
  • Maintaining adequacy and segregation of unallowable costs under CAS 405

PLUS, don’t miss exclusive working group sessions that offer unique in-depth CAS training:

Get up to speed on CAS fundamentals at the pre-conference interactive working group:
September 26 – A Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of CAS-Coverage, Compliance and Exemptions: Key Concepts, Agencies and Requirements Demystified

Fine tune your disclosure statement practices at the post-conference benchmarking session:
September 28 – Preparing Adequate Disclosure Statements: A Complete, “How To” Guide from A to Z

Register early as seats at this event are expected to fill to capacity. Registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Call 1-888-224-2480  fax your registration form to 1-877-927-1563 or register online at