American Conference Institute’s 6th Advanced Summit on

Medical Device Patents

Comprehensive and Practical Prosecution and Litigation Strategies for an Evolving IP Landscape

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Doubletree Times Square, New York, NY

IPR attacks at the USPTO…new litigation involving non-practicing entities and patent assertion entities … increasingly strict subject matter patentability, written description, and obviousness standards- These developments signal that 2016 will continue to be a period of uncertainty and upheaval for the medical device patent community.

In response to the daunting challenges facing the medical device industry, ACI’s Advanced Summit on Medical Device Patents provides a forum for the key players - preeminent in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, the PTO, and judges - to unite and share their collective intellectual property knowledge.

In this time of sweeping changes and with such high stakes in the lucrative medical device market, this industry-specific intellectual property conference will provide you with the certainty in your claiming and defense strategies which you need more than ever. Walk away from this event with cutting-edge medical device patent strategies- prosecution and litigation- to immediately incorporate into your practice.

Topics to be discussed this year include:

  • Lessons Learned from the First Medical Device Patent IPRs
  • Protecting Medical Device Patents in Light of Increasingly Strict Subject Matter Patentability, Written Description, and Obviousness Standards
  • In-House Roundtable: Strategic Considerations for Limiting Liability and Managing and Reducing Costs in Medical Device Patent Prosecution and Litigation
  • View From the Bench: The Judicial Perspective on Medical Device Patent Litigation
  • Evaluating the Continually Evolving Impact of Non-Practicing Entities, Patent Assertion Entities, and Other Monetizers
  • Joint and Divided Infringement Post-Akamai: Understanding the Impact on Prosecution and Litigation Strategies
  • ETHICS and Medical Device IP: Special Concerns for PTAB Practice

Plus a half-day workshop: Life Sciences Patents Around the World: A Cheat Sheet on Executing a Cohesive International Patent Strategy

Hear what prior attendees have said about this annual leading event:

  • “The topics, the presence of the PTO, and insights into PTO expectations were of particular interest.”
  • “The access to senior USPTO staff provided relevant and insightful thoughts that can be directly applied to my practice.”
  • “This was the best medical device patents conference yet.”
  • “Great conference… The in-house panel was great, and their perspectives were very valuable. “The Judges’ panel made the conference and was very well-moderated”
  • “I appreciate the candid comments from the Judges and the helpful insights from the in-house speakers.”
  • “The Judges panel was highly entertaining.”
  • “I would attend this conference again. The opportunity is rare to hear about a wide array of topics by excellent, passionate speakers that are experts in their fields.”
  • “Very knowledgeable speakers- the knowledge, expertis,e and thorough and complete research shine through”
  • “Great, solid information”
  • “Good experience”

For the first time this year, to maximize networking between peers in the life sciences intellectual property community, this year’s event will be co-located with ACI’s annual Life Sciences Patents conference.

Full conference details are on the way shortly. If you are interested in speaking at this event, contact Nicole Turner at For information on sponsoring or exhibiting at this event, contact Esther Fleischhacker at

Register now by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563 or registering online.