ACI's 17th National Advanced Forum on

Litigating Disability Insurance Claims

The only disability insurance event where plaintiff & defense lawyers, in-house counsel and claims professionals meet to devise practical solutions for today's most critical issues

Thursday, January 22 to Friday, January 23, 2015
The Union League of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

The nation’s premier conference on Litigating Disability Insurance Claims returns for its 17th year, led by an unparalleled faculty of in-house industry experts, renowned jurists, cutting edge medical professionals, and renowned plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Along with the greater volume of long-term, short-term, individual and ERISA claims being seen by the industry, claimants, insurers and their counsel have been faced with additional challenges in: responding to the rise in mental illness and other subjective, “non-visible” claims; adapting to the recent case law developments following MetLife v. Glenn, Cigna v. Amara and US Airways v. McCutchen which have shifted the scope of discovery and equitable remedies in disability claims; navigating the varying standards regarding the enforceability of discretionary clauses; determining the scope of the administrative record and conflict of interest discovery; and properly utilizing social media and other modern technology in conducting disability claim investigations – just to name a few.

ACI’s 17th National Conference on Litigating Disability Insurance Claims will help you to tailor your practice to the on-going discovery battle, and highlight key strategies to making discovery useful and meaningful to your case in the face of both an “arbitrary & capricious” and “de novo” standard of review. Attendees will hear the latest on how other industry professionals are navigating the shifting remedies landscape in disability claims, and will be provided with the latest practical solutions and tips for handling these claims in various stages including pre-litigation, mediation and administrative review.

In total, this is the event you’ve come to rely on as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet with colleagues – and opponents – to assess your best move – and anticipate what the other side is thinking. The faculty features renowned judges, leading plaintiff and defense attorneys, medical experts, claims professionals, disability consultants, vocational experts, independent medical examiners, risk managers, reinsurers, carriers and insurers. Here’s a small sampling of companies already registered to participate: Unum, Prudential Insurance Company of America, The Hartford, Disability Management Services, Cigna, RGA Reinsurance Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, Disability Reinsurance Management Services, The Standard and more.

This conference is your “one-stop” venue for the latest and most innovative material on today’s most pressing and contentious disability law issues, including how to wade through the complexities of filing a claim, how to recover benefits when faced with mounting obstacles, how to hone and sharpen the skills needed to protect your client’s interests, and how to successfully forge a defense against weak claims and overbroad discovery requests. Get all the practical tips, strategies and solutions needed for every stage of the claims process!

Top in-house counsel, plaintiff and defense lawyers and medical experts will provide valuable, practical information on key issues that arise in litigating disability claims. Sessions include:

  • ERISA case law year in review: A circuit-by-circuit examination of the key case law developments from 2014, what they mean for your practice in 2015 and their impact on ERISA disability litigation
  • The current state of new remedies & equitable relief under ERISA §502(a)(3): navigating the ongoing fallout from Amara, McCutchen and their progeny
  • Judicial review of claims decisions and the battle over discretion: how individual states are treating discretionary clauses in ERISA plans, and how to strategically use the discovery in record to win your case in the face of a “de novo” vs. “arbitrary & capricious” standard of review
  • The latest discovery trends in disability claim actions: conflict of interest discovery, the scope of the administrative record, the fiduciary exception to the attorney-client privilege and beyond
  • Mental disorders, substance abuse and other limited conditions – tackling the challenges of handling mental/nervous claims and establishing objective proof of “non-visible” conditions
  • Tackling the IME’s evaluation, treating physician’s opinion, the FCE, neuropsych evaluations, medical records and more
  • Get hip to HIPAA – understanding and overcoming the various privacy issues implicated in the procurement, use and disclosure of medical records and patient information in the context of disability claims
  • Tips, strategies and best practices for successful early mediation of a disability claim
  • Proper use of social media, surveillance and modern technology in conducting an effective and legally compliant disability claim investigation
  • Vocational issues in disability claims: the assessment of own occupation, any occupation, dual occupation and employability; and determining a claimant’s entitlement to full or partial disability benefits
  • The latest trends, developments and challenges in non-ERISA claims: an in depth look at continuing and emerging topics in IDI and LTD claims
  • Defending Rule 30(b)(6) corporate depositions in disability insurance claims
  • Recovery of attorneys’ fees in the ERISA and non-ERISA context
  • Developments in social security awards, offsets, overpayments and liens in disability cases

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