American Conference Institute’s 12th National Forum on


Monday, June 27 to Tuesday, June 28, 2016
The Omni San Francisco Hotel, San Francisco, CA

The premier ERISA litigation conference’s West Coast installment, led by an unparalleled faculty of in-house counsel, federal judges, and the top outside counsel plaintiff and defense litigators and firms.

The latest ERISA claims and class actions are more complex than ever and the stakes involved for all parties are exceptionally high. There are huge variations in the types of cases that are arising, as well as substantive differences involved in defending against the various claims. In addition, the best plaintiff attorneys are involved in the cases Throw in the current ERISA “environment” (including growing ranks of retirement-age demographic) and it’s entirely evident that in defending and managing these complex claims, counsel for companies, plan fiduciaries, sponsors, administrators, advisors and insurers face a distinct uphill battle.

Now, more than ever, there is simply no room for error in litigating these claims. In response, American Conference Institute is proud to introduce the 12th installment of the only ERISA Litigation conference that goes the extra mile and brings you the highest level judicial insights and maximum networking opportunities with in-house industry experts.

Sessions include:

  • ERISA Preemption post-Gobeille: Latest on Procedural and Substantive Aspects of the Defense
  • ERISA’s Remedial Scheme and 502(a)(3) Claims: CIGNA v. Amara and Latest Implications; Factoring Rochow Into the Equation; McCutchen and Montanile and Their Effect on Equitable Remedies; What Now Constitutes the “Plan” for Remedy Purposes, and More
  • Emerging Trends in ERISA Class Actions, Including Supreme Court Developments
  • Fiduciary Investment Litigation: Latest on Employer Stock, Dudenhoeffer, 401(k) Fee Cases Including Claims to Reduce Fees and Excessive Plan Fees
  • Medical Provider Litigation: Standing by Healthcare Providers to Sue, Patient Assignment of Rights and More
  • The Intersection of Affordable Care Act Rights and ERISA: External Review Requirements; Discrimination, Retaliation and Whistleblowing; Benefit Mandates, and Beyond
  • Fee Shifting and the Payment of Attorney’s Fees
  • Church Plan Litigation and the Kaplan Decision
  • The Battle Over Discretionary Clauses: An Update on State Discretionary Bans, the Latest Case Law Developments Stemming from These Bans, and Examining the Ultimate Impact of a Discretionary Clause/Ban on a Case
  • Discovery Issues in Benefit Claim Actions: Conflict of Interest Discovery, Requests for Evidence Outside of the Record in Conflicts Situations, the Scope of the Administrative Record, and E-Discovery & Proportionality

This event will fill up quickly, so register now by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563, or registering online.