Life Sciences Business Development & Acquisitions in Emerging Markets

Creating and Implementing Strategies for Leveraging the Growth in Developing Economies

Monday, September 26 to Tuesday, September 27, 2011
The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY

The rise of high-performing emerging countries is forming new growth markets for the pharmaceutical industry and overturning the established order. As a result, companies are changing strategies, and remodeling their operations to enter these markets.

Experts estimate that during the coming decade, the emerging markets will drive 90 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical growth. Opportunities in these countries and the high cost of doing R&D are causing established manufacturers to shift away from the traditional blockbuster drug model. Business development strategies are currently being developed with a focus on driving sales to new consumer populations, and using partnerships and M&A to fi ll product pipelines. Emerging markets have become the new frontier, as sales stagnate in established markets and top-selling products face patent expiration. Success in these rapidly changing countries will depend on building successful alliances and negotiating favorable transactions. Attend ACI’s Life Sciences Business Development & Acquisitions in Emerging Markets and learn how to devise and implement the most effective strategies so that your company shares in the profits that will go to the savvy players that can capitalize on the changing environment.

Learn best practices:
You will learn best practices for advancing your company’s most critical business development strategies, including putting more products in the pipeline and providing for jumpstarts in revenues by gaining entry to new populations for established products. A front line global faculty of leading deal-makers will share their recent hands-on experience in the evolving transactional environment. Hear senior representatives from Merck, Pfizer, Sun, Novartis, Wockhardt, sanofi -aventis, Eli Lilly and other industry leaders dissect how to develop a dynamic alliance strategy and negotiate successful and lucrative deals. They will also provide techniques for discerning risks relating to IP protection or corrupt business practices, and for navigating varying regulatory landscapes. Guidance on overcoming the many hurdles to effective global alliance management will be another critical area of focus.

In light of the particularly strategic importance of India and China, in-depth guidance will be provided for these two vast markets in post-conference case studies. Case Study A, “Analyzing Winning Agreements Providing Access to the Market in India” will extract valuable lessons for deal-makers from recent transactions and offer suggestions for effective negotiating strategies. Case Study B, “Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Complex Challenges when Negotiating for Commercial Entry in China” will help ensure that your business models are properly focused on what will work best in the Chinese pharmaceutical landscape.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get the most comprehensive information regarding strategies for growth in emerging markets, when the global faculty convenes in New York for this program. You will network with an international group of industry professionals while you learn the most current techniques for structuring and negotiating favorable agreements to facilitate significant economic growth. Register now for this timely event by calling 888-224-2480; by faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563; or registering online.