FCPA Boot Camp West

Tuesday, September 23 to Wednesday, September 24, 2014
TBD, San Francisco, CA

There is no foreseeable slow down in FCPA enforcement – coupled with the increased costs for conducting internal investigations, crackdown on foreign anti-corruption laws, and the cross-industry scope of government review, all globally-operating companies need to find ways to limit corruption risks and strengthen their compliance programs.

“As is evident from this track record, we are deeply committed to holding wrongdoers -- whether individuals or business entities -- to account for their crimes. . . .” – Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman speaking to the U.S. House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on white collar crime.

As the premier anti-corruption conference on the West Coast, this highly intensive FCPA Boot Camp will equip you with the tools necessary to mitigate FCPA violations, develop a strong compliance program, and monitor the conduct of your third parties. The US DoJ and SEC are using all of their available means for prosecuting the FCPA – stay up to speed on the latest developments to minimize your risk and exposure.

Cross-industry challenges that will be addressed at the Boot Camp:

  • How to implement risk-based policies and procedures for vetting and screening new intermediaries, distributors and agents
    • Managing risks in your distribution channel
    • Understanding what enforcement authorities are looking for and how to structure an internal investigation to meet those expectations
    • Knowing what your 2014 FCPA compliance program should look like: A focus on flexibility, data and cost-effectiveness
    FCPA compliance does not stop at the general counsel’s office – train your entire team on the FCPA pitfalls and missteps that must be avoided across your business operations. Group rates allow for internal auditors, compliance counsel, sales and marketing teams, and other crucial members of the compliance organization to benefit from the lessons learned from those who have been investigated, prosecuted and come out stronger than before.