American Conference Institute’s 13th

ITAR Boot Camp

Tuesday, February 24 to Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Solamar Hotel, San Diego, CA

ACI’s ITAR Boot Camp Comes Back to San Diego this February!

Whether You are a Large, Mid-Size or Small Company, You Will Gain Practical Tools for How to Comply with Key ITAR Requirements Impacting Your Business.

Back in San Diego by popular demand, American Conference Institute’s acclaimed ITAR Boot Camp is an in-depth, practical nuts and bolts course on how to comply with the ITAR.

Amid increased ITAR enforcement, large, mid-size and small companies that deal with defense articles services or related technical data must ensure that their export practices and global supply chains comply with the ITAR. An exporter that does not have a handle on key requirements can unknowingly violate strict provisions of the ITAR — and incorrectly assume that their articles, technical data or services aren’t even subject to the ITAR!
Whether you are a first, second or third-tier exporter, this intensive Boot Camp is for you!

No matter how small or how big the effect of the continued export control reform, it is imperative that your trade compliance personnel manages the new regulatory framework, and adjust compliance practices accordingly. From changes in definitions, to the migration of items to Commerce Department jurisdiction, 2015 is determined to be a monumental year for exporters. Equally, many complex ITAR compliance requirements will remain, and it is critical to stay up to speed on the latest best practices for reducing heightened penalty risks.

Why Attend?

Unlike other ITAR courses, you will hear directly from large and smaller companies on how they have resolved critical ITAR compliance challenges.
This course will allow for ample Q & A, hands-on exercises and case studies, and will provide you with valuable speaker-prepared materials that you can reference in your daily work.
Practical, in-depth sessions and case studies on how to comply with key ITAR requirements, including:

•  Who Does What?  The Key Agencies, Their Roles, Jurisdictions, Registration Requirements- and Who to Call When You Have Questions
•  Which Parts and Components Are Still ITAR-Controlled Since Export Control Reform: How to Define “Specially Designed” and Determine ITAR Jurisdiction
•  How to Define ITAR-Controlled “Technical Data” and “Defense Services”: Common Misunderstandings and Pitfalls That Can Trigger an Export Violation
•  When and How to Submit a CJ Instead of Conducting a Self-Determination:  How to Prepare the Request, and What to Do After Receiving a DDTC and DTSA Determination
•  Classification Case Studies and Hypothetical Exercises:  What Would You Do If…
•  Invaluable networking with government, industry and private practice professionals
•  CLE credit
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