American Conference Institute's 8th National Forum on

Controlling Litigation Costs


Wednesday, October 23 to Thursday, October 24, 2013
The Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York, NY

ACI's 8th National Forum on
Controlling Litigation Costs
October 23 - 24, 2013
The Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York, NY

ACI’s renowned forum on CONTROLLING LITIGATION COSTS returns, this time in New York City, on October 23-24, with a brand new faculty and novel case studies and strategies designed to help you (1) get more value from the firms you use in litigation matters OR (2) keep existing corporate clients and ensure you are at the top of the “go to” list when matters arise.

If you are an in-house counsel or legal sourcing manager, here are the top reasons to attend:

• Get more value from the law firms you utilize in litigation matters
• Fully understand how billing rates apply to particular litigation matters, and incorporate the latest on innovative fee arrangements into your strategy
• Hear about the latest methods and most effective software and service solutions for predicting and controlling E-discovery costs in an increasingly paperless world.
• Gain qualitative approaches to selecting, hiring, deploying, retaining and managing outside counsel during litigation
• Learn how to minimize in-house legal department costs and financial risk without compromising on work product or quality of service
• Learn how particular litigation matters are staffed, and keep a close watch on the resulting expenses through electronic billing
• Do more with less, bring more work in-house while also trimming legal staff
• Increasing in-house capabilities, productivity and profitability, and streamline your internal operations
• Use technology to see what the firms you are using are doing at every stage of litigation

If you are a private practice litigation attorney or law firm marketing/business development specialists, here are the top reasons to attend:

• Keep existing clients by recognizing the constant pressure in-house counsel are under to reduce litigation costs
• Assist and guard your current relationships with your clients and do everything you can to hold on to them
• Learn how to provide more value, and truly become ingrained in your client's business
• Work closely with your clients globally to ensure service deliverables in a way that is most appropriate and makes sense for them
• Position you firm to be at the top of the “go to” list, especially in the age of "convergence"
• Provide flexibility in fee structures
• Assure the best provision of services
• Network with dozens of in-house counsel from a wide range of companies and industries at this unique business development/new client opportunity

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