PTO Procedures Under The America Invents Act

A Practical and Tactical Guide for Maneuvering New and Amended Procedures and Mastering the Intricacies of PTO Practice in the Wake of Patent Reform

Monday, March 26 to Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Flatotel, New York City
We Have Entered the Era of Patent Reform and the Evolution of PTO Procedures.

Master the Intricacies of PTO Practice in the Wake of
the America Invents Act.

The America Invents Act (AIA) is one of the most sweeping and iconoclastic pieces of legislation in more than half a century. Not only did the AIA reform the basic tenants of the American patent system, but it also lead to the evolution of PTO procedures. Under the AIA’s auspices, some procedures have been amended and others newly created. The AIA has, in essence, created a new type of litigation before the PTO- or more specifically, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) which it also put into being.  Patent attorneys representing a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals – to medical devices – to financial services - to tech and consumer products are now pondering these new and amended procedures and how they will impact current and future strategies.

Learn the “Ins and Outs” of New PTO Procedures and 
When They Are Best Utilized.

In response to the many questions surrounding these procedures and their mode of utilization, ACI has designed this conference on PTO Procedures under the America Invents Act to serve as your practical and tactical guide for PTO practice post- Patent Reform.  An all star faculty comprised of top PTO practitioners, in-house patent counsel, and high ranking PTO officials will walk you through the challenges associated with anticipated regulations; the new priority landscape; supplemental proceedings; post-issuance procedures, including post grant review and inter partes review; and estoppel. They will help you develop the strategies that you need to assess your options within the scope of patent reform and when the utilization of these new procedures makes the most sense.

Benefit from Special Training and Strategy Sessions that Will Address the Essentials of Patent Reform in the Context of PTO Practice and Considerations for Appearing in Multiple and Simultaneous Forums

To enhance and complete your conference experience, we are pleased to offer the following training and strategy sessions:

•    Patent Reform Boot Camp for PTO Practice: Laying the Foundation for New and Amended PTO Procedures under the America Invents Act will provide you with the legal and regulatory backdrop for the new and amended procedures discussed in the main conference; and
•    The Master Class on Parallel Proceedings: Strategies for Preserving Causes of Action and Your Case in Chief in Multiple and Simultaneous Forums will provide pointers and tactics for simultaneous patent challenges before the PTO, Federal Courts and even the ITC.

Reserve Your Place Now At This Critical and Essential Cross- Industry  Patent Reform Event

Clearly, this the patent reform conference that every patent lawyer with dealings before the PTO- or for that matter federal district court cannot afford to miss.