American Conference Institute's Advanced Summit on

Global Patenting Strategy and Practice

The Definitive Guide on Effective World-Wide Patent Prosecution and Opposition/Cancellation

Monday, July 15 to Tuesday, July 16, 2013
The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY

Your Marketplace is Global – Ensure that Your Patent Protection is Too

As businesses increasingly look to global markets to increase their market share in a rapidly evolving and more-competitive-than-ever worldwide marketplace, it is imperative that companies racing to get their products on shelves around the globe ensure that proper IP protections are always in place first. However, despite harmonization efforts, the difficulty in developing an effective international patenting strategy is that patenting systems around the world have standards for patentability, inventive step, or opposition procedures that are not fully aligned. With so many available jurisdictions, each with their own concepts of what patents are and their own local rules and customs, it can be extremely difficult for even seasoned patent counsel to develop systems for advising clients on how to safely take products from national to international markets and ensure that their products will be protected in every market they enter.

Receive the Expert Instruction Needed to Synthesize a Fully Informed Patenting Strategy to Maximize Global Market Share

American Conference Institute’s Advanced Summit on Global Patenting Strategy & Practice unites seasoned counsel with experience practicing in critical jurisdictions to share their wealth of knowledge and help you understand not only the mechanics of obtaining patents around the world, but also strategies for the most effective and efficient means of protecting IP in a global marketplace. Representing companies in an array of industry sectors, our expert faculty will address questions like:


  • How do you select the right local counsel depending on your needs?
  • What jurisdictions provide effective patent protection for your products and which ones do not and what are
    the specific costs involved?
  • How to reconcile the issues that arise when coordinating with inventors in numerous countries simultaneously?
  • Which safeguards must multinational entities put into place when marketing and selling products protected
    by trade secrets?
  • How do inventor compensation issues impact decisions to patent in one country or another?
  • How do you draft claims broadly enough in different countries to cover all commercial embodiments
    and reasonably foreseeable competitive challenges?
  • What written description requirements meet the standards required by multiple jurisdictions including the EU
    and Asian countries?
  • When do outcomes from opposition proceedings in one jurisdiction impact the ability to protect a product in others?
    • Can evidence obtained in one country be used in litigation for other countries?
      And much more!

    Enhance your conference experience by attending the post conference workshop:

      • Mastering the Foreign Patent Law and Regulatory Requirements for Life Sciences Companies in a Global Context and the Post Conference Interactive Working Group Session

        This forum will enhance your understanding of patent practice in foreign jurisdictions and help you make more fully informed recommendations for your business and clients. Reserve your spot at this critically important conference
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