American Conference Institute's 2nd

US Customs Boot Camp

Tuesday, November 19 to Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC

Whether You Are New to the Customs Compliance Area or a Seasoned Compliance Professional, You Will Take Away Practical Tools for How to Comply with Complex U.S. Customs Regulations.
Meeting U.S. customs law requirements can be challenging, time-consuming, and very costly for importers if not done right. Non-compliance with customs laws cans result in civil and criminal penalties, denial of entry, seizure and destruction of goods. It is imperative for importers to have a solid foundation for applying critical requirements on a day-to-day basis.

American Conference Institute’s highly acclaimed 2nd U.S. Customs Compliance Boot Camp is a practical, nuts and bolts course that will take you through the ins and outs of complex U.S. Customs law topics, how to interact with and respond to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and apply the requirements to your real-life scenarios.

This boot camp is designed to delve in the complex topics of classifi cation, valuation, and country of origin, and provides a forum for extended Q&A. The agenda includes an enhanced focus on how to use the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to avoid common pitfalls that can trigger delays, audits and penalties. The sessions also delve into calculating the correct value of goods, and provide a thorough explanation of assists, royalties, and deductions from dutiable value. There will be an in-depth discussion on determining the correct country of origin for your imports, and marking them in accordance with applicable marking requirements. From these deep dive sessions, you will take away tools you can use daily to ensure compliance with U.S. customs regulations.

Unlike other training events, a diverse faculty of CBP, CPSC, FDA, leading importers and private practice experts will provide you with tools to use in your day-to-day work, along with helpful checklists and reference materials.

Hear from senior CBP and FDA offi cials about their audit and enforcement approaches:

• Alan Cohen (Senior Attorney, Penalties Branch, CBP) will discuss what triggers big CBP penalties, and the recent trends on the biggest, most expensive customs violations
• Invaluable insights from Carrie Reyes (Director, Operations-Regulatory Audit, CBP) and Elizabeth Chiavetta (Director, Audit Policy – Regulatory Audit) on how to manage and prepare for a CBP Audit
• Domenic Veneziano (Director, Division of Import Operations and Policy, FDA) will discuss when and how to get the FDA involved in your import process

The agenda will cover the most critical customs compliance issues impacting your import operations. The program has been uniquely designed to delve into your most pressing compliance issues through practical insights, case studies, Q&A and hands-on exercises. Key sessions also include:

• Identifying and communicating with key government agencies: Who does what, and how to develop you communication strategy with each
• Applying Free Trade Agreements properly: How to benefi t from duty free programs
• What to expect during a CBP audit, and how to prepare
• Record keeping: How to effectively and effi ciently retain customs records

Maximize your learning by participating in practical, hands-on Working Groups:
A: Free Trade Agreement Success Stories – How to Maximize Duty Savings Under South Korea, Colombia and DR-CAFTA (Dominican Republic), PTPA (Peru)
B: The Ins and Outs of an Effective Global Supply Chain Security Program – A Practical Review of How to Qualify for C-TPAT and ISF 10+2 Programs
C: How to Prepare for a Focused Assessment – Deep Dive into Valuation andClassifi cation Audits
D: Duty Drawbacks – How to Add Value to Your Company’s Bottom Line

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from CBP, CPSC, and FDA offi cials and benefit from best practices from industry leaders. Register now by calling, call 1-888-224-2480 or save your seat online at