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Singapore Summit on Export Controls Compliance

Featured on Cistec. Gain the knowledge you need and stay compliant. Attend this event and get more then just a conference by subscribing to our blog.

A groundbreaking international conference addressing how to integrate multi-jurisdictional export controls requirements into an effective internal compliance programme. It has been a year of significant developments on the export controls front. Export controls government agencies are vigorously policing the export activities of companies and their foreign trading partners to ensure strict compliance with export control laws.

Strict Asian, U.S., and European Government export compliance expectations have made it more challenging than ever for multinationals to achieve global export compliance. The situation is especially true for export controls executives based in Singapore and the rest of Asia who are faced with complex transshipment, diversion and re-export risks.

Rising government expectations and new regulatory standards increase risks for all global companies. Trade controls are becoming ever more complex and restrictive, and exporters must develop effective internal export control compliance programs that do not unduly hamper legitimate trade. Civil and criminal penalties are rising, cases are high profile and yesterday’s knowledge is simply not enough to make the right decisions today.

After the tremendous success of its export controls conferences in the U.S., Europe and China, American Conference Institute and C5 Group are proud to announce the inaugural Singapore Summit on Export Controls Compliance. This unique conference, designed specifi cally for regional trade compliance executives and attorneys in Asia-Pacific, will provide you with practical export controls solutions to meet your company’s operational challenges on a country by country basis. Attendees will benefi t from the practical perspective of senior corporate export compliance executives, government offi cials and attorneys from U.S., Europe and Asia countries on

how to:

  • Customize export compliance programme and internal controls for your Asian operations
  • Detect all restricted parties and screen end-users
  • Prevent deemed export violations under U.S. and Japan export controls laws
  • Minimize diversion and transshipment risks in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Conduct internal investigations and implement corrective actions
  • Comply with encryption regulations in U.S., China and Hong Kong
  • Reconcile EU licensing and country specific licensing requirements

Plus! Participants will also receive a CD-rom including a comprehensive set of written materials prepared by the speakers particularly for this conference. These are invaluable reference materials which you will use again and again long after the conference is over.

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