American Conference Institute’s 3rd National Forum

Chargebacks & Commercial Rebates

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, GPO, and PBM forum for resolving chargeback and rebate challenges

Wednesday, January 30 to Thursday, January 31, 2013
The Carlton on Madison, New York City, NY

Develop industry-wide solutions for chargeback and rebate challenges

Revenue leakage costs US pharmaceutical companies an estimated $11 billion (over 4% of revenues) annually.  Manufacturers, wholesalers, GPOs and PBMs are all integral stakeholders in contracting and rebate processes and as such, must work together to overcome the problems that have plagued the industry as more rebates and chargebacks are processed on a daily basis.  ACI’s Chargebacks and Commercial Rebates conference is the first event to bring together all key stakeholders in one place allowing the industry to develop solutions that can work for everyone in the health care chain.

Pricing and contracting functions tend to operate in silos – this event will break down the walls that separate manufacturers, wholesalers, GPOs and PBMs as well as the divisions that often exist within a company.  This unparalleled opportunity to hear how different stakeholders identify and define problems will provide invaluable insights into how big the problems are and what solutions exist. 

Improve your business and stop the flow of revenue leakage

By teaching you how to develop best practices for overcoming common challenges such as membership eligibility determinations, reverse chargebacks, managing EDI data, and validating rebate data, this conference will help move chargebacks and rebates away from being a loss center and will allow you to focus on utilizing chargeback and rebate data as a way to improve business. Our faculty of experts who are in the trenches, dealing with chargebacks and rebates on a daily basis will provide real-world, practical solutions for cost containment and the efficient management of chargebacks and rebates.

For those executives that are new to the area of chargebacks and rebates, the pre-conference workshop, Chargebacks and Commercial Rebates 101, will concentrate on the fundamentals of commercial contracting and will prepare you for the more in-depth discussions that will take place throughout the main conference. Plus, the post-conference working group session, “Best Practices for Managing Chargebacks and Rebates” offers a forum for manufacturers to share what has and has not worked in their efforts to manage chargebacks and rebates.

What you think you know about chargebacks and rebates will be challenged when you have the opportunity to hear the perspectives of everyone in the health care chain. Register now to ensure your place at this critical industry event.  Call 1-888-224-2480, fax your registration form to 1-877-927-1563, or register online at