16th Advanced Forum on Structuring, Negotiating and Managing

Life Sciences Collaborative Agreements & Acquisitions

Maximizing Opportunities and Rewards in Your Licensing, Strategic Alliances and Partnering Deals

Monday, February 27 to Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, New York

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With future success dependent on building successful partnerships, attend ACI’s 16th Advanced Forum on Structuring, Negotiating and Managing Life Sciences Collaborative Agreements and Acquisitions to learn how to be able to secure the best terms available for meeting your company’s critical needs. A front line faculty of leading deal-makers will help you to develop a dynamic alliance strategy and negotiate successful and lucrative deals.

You will learn best practices that will enable your company to advance its key business development strategies, including putting more products in the pipeline and providing for jumpstarts in revenues. Specific guidance will be provided on how to structure transactions to allow for entry into important emerging markets, and on building flexible provisions for potential future M&A into your agreements. You will learn how to structure options and payments in alternative ways to meet specific financial needs, and to provide for the sharing of costs and risks relating to clinical trial results and securing regulatory approvals. In addition, special insights will be provided for overcoming the unique challenges raised by negotiating with different types of research institutions.

While collaborations can be used to replenish pipelines and open up emerging areas, potential partners are increasingly seeking to retain valuable product rights, and power dynamics make it difficult to secure licenses or market access without granting potentially lucrative co-development options. In addition, international competition is increasing, markets are changing, and M&A activity is heating up again and must be factored into any negotiation going forward.

Add significant value to your experience by attending our Post-Conference Master Class: Life Sciences M&A/Strategic Alliances Due Diligence Boot Camp

This in-depth session will help ensure that you make informed decisions regarding how the IP at issue will increase the company’s overall value, either by expanding product lines or entering new markets. Special attention will also be paid to antitrust and other legal risks that may occur when the diligence process fails to sufficiently identify areas of current government concern and inquiries.

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