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Date Jun 18 - 19, 2014
Location New York
Dietary Supplements and Nutritionals are a huge multimillion dollar industry with a fragmented market share. The biggest players (mainly Consumer Health Care Divisions of major pharmaceutical companies) control 20% of the total share and are in a race to control even more through acquisitions and joint ventures, as they see continued growth in this area and are willing to invest huge sums of money in this pursuit. Moreover, the acquisition and development of these products will help to supplement the profits of these companies which are currently suffering from expiring patents and product pipeline shortages. Additionally, as the popularity of these products increase, government scrutiny by such agencies as FDA and FTC also increases for lack of claim substantiation and manufacturing violations. While there are various association events for the supplement industry, this will be the only one to address all legal and regulatory concerns in one neat package. This is why our inaugural conference in this space was so successful. This conference will offer a sense of community to participants leading to its status as a must attend event.
Date Jul 29 - 30, 2014
Location Chicago
This program is unlike any other on the market – ACI attorneys have conducted extensive market research to put together a highly unique program, with a diverse faculty of speakers addressing the most pressing industry concerns.
Date Sep 30 - Oct 01, 2014
Location Chicago
ACI’s 3rd FDA & USDA Compliance Boot Camp will focus on providing legal and regulatory counsel and government affairs executives practical advice on how to navigate the maze of regulations that apply to food products

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