Senior IP Litigator’s Summit on

High Tech Patent Litigation

Advanced Litigation Strategies for Plaintiffs and Defendants Counsel in the Technology and Telecom Industries

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Millennium UN Plaza, New York, NY
Recent headlines tell the story:

“Apple’s Bid for Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Denied”
The Recorder, December 2011

“Verizon Must Pay $11 Million Per Month in Sunset Royalties”, December 2011

“Google, Oracle Battle Over Damages”
The American Lawyer, December 2011

“AT&T to Pay $215 Million to Settle…”
The Recorder, January 2012

In a sector where the law often struggles to keep up with the science, in recent years the poles have reversed. Waging war against each other in jurisdictions across the country, 2011 was witness to some of the most high profi le patent litigation the high technology industry has seen in recent years. Engulfing computer hardware, software, consumer electronics, medical devices and telecommunications
manufacturers in courts from coast to coast, it seems the “smartphone wars” of 2011 may have only been the tip of the iceberg for high tech patent litigation
between competitors.

Learn what steps to take during your next patent infringement case to
ensure your client’s newest product is not rendered useless by costly patent litigation.

Structured specifically to provide a forum for senior IP litigators within the high tech space to meet, share and discuss advanced litigation strategies for protecting your client’s most valuable asset – its IP – American Conference Institute’s Senior IP Litigator’s Summit on High Tech Patent Litigation will provide attendees with tried and true litigation strategies from attorneys who are in the trenches, litigating the most high-profile patent litigation matters the high tech industry has seen in recent years.

Go behind the scenes and learn how the elite of the high tech patent litigation bar are asserting and defending patent infringement claims between and among competitors the most well-known technology companies in the world and achieving successful results.

Learn how one day out of the office could save your client millions in litigation costs, license fees or costly damages.

Take note as you are provided with advanced litigation strategies for:

  • Selecting the best venue to assert or defend your claims
  • Approaching settlement – when and how to begin the conversation
  • Utilizing counterclaims, crossclaims,and motion practice to define the claims at issue in the case
  • Winning over a judge or jury and setting out your theory of the case

Join your colleagues at this exclusive industry event as they share and discuss winning strategies for ensuring that the next time your client is engaged in a patent infringement suit, it is armed with the best strategies for protecting its most valuable product – the patents at stake in the case.

Seats at this event are expected to go quickly given the great interest in this topic. Reserve a space now for a member of your IP and litigation departments by calling 1-888-224-2480; faxing your registration to 1-877-927-1563 or registering online at