Legal and Business Guide to

mHealth and Wireless Medical Technology

Monday, April 29 to Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC
The potential of mHealth and wireless medical technology to revolutionize healthcare is boundless. Our newsfeeds are permeated with the ways in which smart phones and wi-fi are being utilized to make us healthier, heal us faster, and supplement or even replace our healthcare professionals. However, in order to succeed in this rapidly developing billion dollar industry, you must ensure that your amalgamation of medical and technological principals satisfy healthcare and communications regulatory requirements. Additionally, efforts to keep pace with evolving legal treatment of these wonder products will be for naught unless paired with a business model crafted to take advantage of rapidly shifting market trends.

Get in on the ground floor of this thrilling new field as our speaking faculty of government officials, industry leading counsel and healthcare executives guide you through the morass of legal and business considerations surrounding the development of mHealth and Wireless Medical Technology including:

  • Anticipated developments in FCC and FDA regulations and best practices for positioning your company
  • Staying cognizant of liability and privacy concerns impacting Bring Your Own Device
  • Securing devices, networks, and patient information
  • Exploring the impact of meaningful use requirements on payment status and implementation of wireless technologies
  • Practical strategies for working with the FDA from companies that have successfully gained mobile medical application clearance

Build the essential knowledge you need to tackle regulations on mHealth by attending the pre-conference Fundamentals Workshop: FDA + FCC + Mobile + Medical = Converged Medical Device.

Gain insight and strategic advice for taking your product to market at the post-conference Working Group: Business Strategies for Taking Wireless and mHealth Technologies from Innovation to Value.