American Conference Institute's 15th National Forum on

Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement

Expert strategies for in-house and outside counsel on navigating litigation hurdles and preparing for government enforcement actions and examinations

Monday, September 22 to Tuesday, September 23, 2014
The Adolphus, Dallas, TX

Led by senior in-house counsel, key regulatory and enforcement offi cials, top outside counsel, and renowned federal and state judges from across the nation, this is the only event that will fully prepare you to manage lending, servicing, and foreclosure litigation, and keep you ahead of the curve in regards to increased enforcement eff orts and the evolving regulatory paradigm at both the state and federal level.

In the wake of the CFPB’s new servicing rules, and given the renewed regulatory and enforcement focus on the residential mortgage industry at the state and federal levels, lenders, servicers, and their outside counsel must be prepared for enhanced enforcement initiatives, heightened examination procedures, and a wave of new litigation from the plaintiff s’ bar.

In response, American Conference Institute is pleased to announce its 15th National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement. Th is event has been tailored to provide attendees with the insights and strategies that are needed to ensure compliance with the new rules, defend against new and emerging claims, and adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape. our unparalleled faculty of key regulatory and enforcement offi cials, federal and state judges, senior in-house counsel, and leading outside counsel will provide you with strategic advice, critical insights, and comprehensive updates. Here are just a few of the benefi ts of attending:

  • obtain best practices for ensuring compliance with the CFPB’s new servicing rules, preparing for examinations, and avoiding litigation arising from the rules
  • Hear directly from key agencies and government offi cials regarding federal and state regulatory and enforcement priorities
  • Network with senior corporate and outside counsel and benchmark your litigation and compliance strategies against those of your peers
  • Receive judicial perspectives on the latest plaintiff theories, emerging defense strategies, lender-placed insurance litigation, bankruptcy and foreclosure litigation, heightened scrutiny of lenders and servicers, e-discovery, and more
  • Determine what measures lenders and servicers must take in order to mitigate future liability

Register now by calling 888-224-2480 or faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563.