American Conference Institute's 9th National Export Controls Forum on

Technology Transfers & Deemed Export Compliance

Tracking and Managing Intangible Exports, Interpreting New Cloud Computing Rules, and Employing Foreign Nationals

Monday, October 17 to Wednesday, October 19, 2016
TBD, Washington, DC

The Departments of Commerce, State and Justice continue to treat technology transfers and deemed export violations very seriously, and the enforcement agencies are increasingly coordinated as they respond to violations. As technological advancement outpaces compliance programs and regulatory guidance, there are more significant gray areas than ever when forging an infallible technology control plan. Whether you are on-boarding foreign nationals, implementing new IT systems and platforms that include cloud storage, or managing third-party hiring processes and technology access, the risks are many and the stakes are high in intangible export compliance.

American Conference Institute’s 9th National Forum on Technology Transfers, Cloud Computing & Deemed Export Controls provides a unique benchmarking platform around the complex topics impacting intangible exports under the EAR and ITAR. Join cohorts in your industry to compare best practices and tackle challenging topics, including:

  • Applying complicated EAR and ITAR definitions such as “technical data” and the “specially designed” rule in challenging classification scenarios
  • Managing foreign national recruitment and employment processes: Maintaining compliance while avoiding conflicts with foreign human rights and labor laws
  • Gaining clarity in the cloud, including current regulations and advisory opinions and their practical application to your technology control plan
  • Tips and tricks in marking, tracking and managing access to controlled technology
  • Benchmarking intangible export control training programs, training formats and platforms

Speakers will include key government officials, in-house compliance professionals and counsel, as well as private practitioners, providing you with the tools to overcome the toughest tech transfer and deemed export compliance challenges.

Spaces will fill up quickly, so register now. Call 1-888-224-2480, fax your registration form to 1-877-927-1563 or register online.

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