American Conference Institute’s 7th National Forum on

International Technology Transfers & Deemed Export Compliance

How to Control IT Access and the Flow of Technical Data, and Minimize the Risk of Intangible Export Controls Violations in Defense Services, Cloud Computing and Outsourcing

Monday, January 28 to Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel, San Francisco, CA

One Technology Transfer or Deemed Export Compliance Misstep Could Cost Your Organization Millions in Penalties and Lost Business!

DDTC, BIS, the Department of Justice and other agencies are increasing their enforcement of unauthorized technology transfers and deemed export violations. It is critical to ensure that your organization is meeting rigorous restrictions impacting the export and re-export of technology, software, technical assistance, and services of US and foreign origin. Collaborative platforms such as social media and cloud computing have created new, emerging and complex risk areas and, as a result, increased exposure for your organization.

At American Conference Institute’s 7th National Export Controls Forum on International Technology Transfers & Deemed Export Compliance, you will have the unique opportunity to benchmark with senior level trade, security and legal executives from the high tech, defense, oil & gas, and aerospace industries. Learn what is keeping them up at night and what they are doing about it.

Unlike other events, the entire conference is focused on how to address the unique risks stemming from online platforms, employee travel with laptops and portable devices, technical collaboration, R & D, social media, cloud computing, email usage and foreign client facility visits. As exporters continue to incorporate new and emerging platforms into all aspects of their business, the potential for an export violation and enforcement action has never been so high.

Meet and learn from a faculty of experienced government, in-house and private practice experts, who are at the cutting-edge in overcoming ITAR and EAR compliance challenges affecting technology transfers and foreign national access.

  • Winnie Luk, Senior Trade Compliance Manager, Oracle Corporation
  • Steven Kott, Senior Director, Trade Compliance, FutureWei Technologies
  • Joseph Kim, Director, Global Trade Compliance, Xilinx
  • Ramakrishna Dasari, Product & Technology Classification Manager, Apple Inc.
  • Arvind Sharma, Senior International Trade Counsel, Flowserve Corporation
  • James Snodgrass, Director, Security, BAE Systems
  • Laurie Magree, International Trade Compliance Manager,Northrop Grumman Corporation - Aerospace Systems
  • Sangita Patel, Senior Compliance Counsel, Chevron Upstream & Gas
  • William Wade, Senior Director, Export/Import Operations, Raytheon Company
  • Janet S. Pierce, Head of Trade Compliance, North America, Meggitt-USA, Inc.
  • Anne Marie Griffin, Deputy Director, Global Trade Policy, Microsoft Corporation
  • Rebecca Conover, ITAR Compliance Manager, Intel Corporation
  • Spencer Leslie, Director, International Trade Compliance, Tyco Thermal Controls
  • Michael A. Lutz, Trade Compliance Manager, Google Inc.
  • Karla L. Haynes, Export/Import Compliance Attorney, Chevron Corporation
  • Steve Eisner, University Export Control Officer, Stanford University
  • Debbie Shaffer, Manager, Export International Affairs Southwest Research Institute
  • Tyler Ward, Export Control Specialist, Qualcomm

CASE STUDY: Implementing a Technology Transfer Control Plan
Gain first-hand insights on how companies are implementing IT security measures to prevent unauthorized access to servers, and managing foreign national access on-site

2012 U.S. Government Enforcement Speakers

  • Timothy Gildea
    Special Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Department of Homeland Security
  • Julie Salcido
    Special Agent in Charge, San Jose Field Office, Office of Export Enforcement, Bureau of Industry and Security
  • Robert Anderson, Jr.
    Deputy Assistant Director, Counterintelligence Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Joseph Whitehead
    Assistant Special Agent in Charge, San Jose Field Office, Office of Export Enforcement (BIS)

Maximize your benchmarking at exclusive, industry-led

Working Groups: January 30, 2013

A An In-Depth, Practical Guide to Crafting a Broad Job Description and Scope of Work Agreement Post On-Boarding: Working with HR, Engineering and Trade Compliance Personnel to Secure and Implement Deemed Export Licenses

B INTERACTIVE CASE STUDIES: Resolving the Most Complex, Sensitive Technology Transfer and Deemed Export Compliance Challenges Affect Your Work