Third Party Risk Management

Jun 13, 2017 1:30pm – 5:15pm

Karen Eryou
Senior Director, Corporate Compliance, APAC
UCB Pharma – Greater China and SE Asia

Jeanne Kang
APJ Chief Ethics Officer

Jun Li
Senior Director & Associate General Counsel, Ethics & Compliance – APJ

William Hu
Regional Compliance Officer
Daimler Greater China Limited

Fang Lei
Asia R&D Compliance Lead
Pfizer (Shanghai)

Barbara Tsai
Executive Director APAC Regional Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption
UBS (Shanghai)

Harry Liu
King & Wood Mallesons

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Case Studies on Distributors’ Margin Pitfalls: How to Monitor Distributors’ Bribery Activities and Ensure They Offer Fair Market Values
分销商案例分析:如何最有效的监控分销商商业贿赂行为及提 供市场公平的利润差额  
  • Distributors margin common pitfalls
  • How to research and ensure distributor is at fair market value
  • Engaging internal resources to set up an appropriate margin
  • How to detect wrong doing of distributor through report, transactions, and performance
  • How to appropriately reward distributors while control and monitor the room of margin
  • How to handle Antitrust concerns when you monitor the distributor margin
Co-Chairs Opening Remarks
Case Study: How to Structure and Build a Transparent Third Party Compliance Programme to Effectively Monitor and Audit Ongoing Risks
  • How to develop an appropriate third party management plan
  • How to customize internal controls for effective third party oversight to detect and prevent anti-bribery issues
  • How to establish appropriate front-end vetting and screening protocol based on the type, level of relationship and interests represented by the third party
  • Case study on effective programme roll out, what to do when you have uncooperative partner
  • How to evaluate third party compliance procedure and contractual terms and conditions
  • Helpline and Hotline set up internally and externally
Top Five Pitfalls in Due Diligence for Intermediaries, Brokers, Vendors, Distributors, and Agents
中间商,经纪,供应商,分销商和中介尽职调查中五大最容易犯 的错误  
  • How to identify whether the third party is related to your employee or employee-owned
  • What happens when public records are not available or not reliable
  • What about the sub-level third party
  • How to handle the government ownership
  • Warning sign of the unclear payment, how to detect the third party expense, invoices and other underlying documents
Coffee and Tea Break
Scenarios on Effective Third Party Training and Program Implementation: What Would You Do if…
案例分析:如何开展第三方有效培训及合规程序的普及案例分析   This exclusive and practical session will feature three complex third party risk management scenarios:  
  • Massive number of third parties with different locations
  • Unique cultural nuances and risks that are specific to China
  • Third party attended the training, but did not implement teachings
  After a review of each scenario and the specific challenges involved, speakers will present a step-by-step review of strategies to address each situation. Don’t miss the chance to test your business acumen and benchmark with your peers during this insightful and interactive panel.
Networking Luncheon for Attendees and Speakers
Joint Venture Risks: How to Address the Most Complex Challenges in JV Relationships
合资方风险防控案例分析:如何解决纷繁复杂的合资方关系及 有效做好合规工作  
  • The 3 Ds when entering a JV: diligence, decision points and defense strategies
  • What determines “control” in a JV and its impact on legal liability
  • What if a Government official or SOE is a business partner
  • Minority ownership: Persuading your JV partner to adopt compliance
  • Implementing an effective compliance programme at different levels in a JV
Coffee and Tea Break
Minimizing the Unique Risks of Service Providers in China: Special Focus on Travel Agencies, Payment Agencies, Brokers and Consultants
  • What are the best and innovative practices for travel arrangement
  • Crafting permissible guidelines for the use of service providers
  • Best practices for organizing conferences, sponsorship
  • Minimizing the risk of third party vendors that handle your marketing and business development
  • How to mitigate the risk of the broker and intermediary to obtain new business and good deal for you
  • How to handle service providers who have weak accounting system or unclear item of invoice
  • How to manage and vet the offshore agencies
Industry Roundtable Discussion: Navigating Complex and Hidden Risks in Sponsorship, Procurement and Bidding
行业分组圆桌讨论:如何减少行业特有的赞助或招投标合规中 第三方合规风险   Each industry has its unique set of third party risks and challenges. During this interactive panel, attendees will sit at the industry table of their choice and discuss the cases and scenarios with their own industry’s peers. Each speaker will join one table to lead the discussions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to benchmark practices with industry peers and walk away with more in-depth and valuable insights.
Co-Chairs Closing Remarks