ASIA SPOTLIGHT : China, South Korea and Japan China: The Risks of Hiring Individuals and Third Party Entities with Ties to the Government: Practical Lessons from the Most Prominent Cases

September 26, 2017 2:00pm

John Skousen
Chief Compliance Officer
Qualcomm Incorporated (San Diego, CA)

Eric Carlson
Covington & Burling LLP (Shanghai, China)

Jason Linder
Irell & Manella LLP (Los Angeles, CA)

  • How to determine whether a job or an internship to a relative is a “thing of value” and how to mitigate risks with government princeling hiring and internships
  • How to spot red flags and identify effective mitigation strategies from prominent hiring practices cases
  • Managing the pitfalls of engaging third parties connected with Chinese officials
  • How to effectively monitor employee business activities
  • How to define the employee’s liability and potential impact on the company
  • Utilizing HR as a gatekeeper to hire the “right” employee and initiate an investigation into potential misconduct
  • How to preserve evidence of employee misconduct to safeguard your company and business
  • How to terminate an individual’s employment, executive level and group in this employee favorable court
  • How to approach your investigation when trying to cooperate with both US and Chinese anti-corruption agencies