Dr. Xiaolin Zhou

Jun He Law Offices

XIAOLIN ZHOU is a Partner at Jun He Law Firm.  Mr. Zhou has over 30 years of legal work experience both in government and in private practice. As managing partner of the firm's New York Office, he focuses his practice on advising clients doing business with/in China and helping clients resolve legal and compliance issues (e.g., issues relating to FCPA and China’s anti-corruption laws) in their operations in China.  Prior to entering private legal practice, Mr. Zhou served for seven years as Head of International Law Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He also served as advisor to the Chinese Delegation to the UN General Assembly and Chinese delegate to the UN Legal Committee, Outer-space Legal Subcommittee and UN Charter Committee. He has participated in numerous international negotiations and was involved in handling major judicial and arbitration cases involving government agencies and enterprises in Chinese and foreign courts as well as international arbitration tribunals.