Trial by Juror: Overcoming Challenges with Jury Selection, Communicating with Multigenerational Jurors, and Practical Guidance on Diffusing Juror Bias

December 5, 2017 2:45pm

What is it about?

  • Addressing the considerable amount of mistrust expressed by the public toward pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
  • Additional challenges posed by millennials who are exhibiting unprecedented levels of skepticism
  • Extrapolating specific ways for the defense bar to start to regain the trust and dispel current notions prevalent among the potential jurors
  • Knowing how to best position a case before reaching the opening statement phase
    • Necessity of the defense trial team to research and know the community they are trying a case in is becoming exceedingly important given that the plaintiffs’ bar has been strategic with how, where, and when it chooses to focus its very targeted advertising, which results in a tainted jury pool.
    • Looking at the need to understand how juries think about advancements and developments in science and medicine (i.e., jury questionnaire, mini opening statements before voir dire, etc.)