A powerful resource in litigation for nearly 50 years, S-E-A is a multi-disciplined forensic engineering and visualization company specializing in failure analysis.

S-E-A’s Health Sciences group provides comprehensive services in the testing and analysis of medical related procedures and implants. The interdisciplinary team addresses alleged failures of class I, II and III medical devices and can investigate device performance and surgical procedures under clinical conditions. Comprised of biomedical, biomechanical and material engineers, along with medical illustrators and animators, the group is positioned to assist with products and devices ranging from purported wheelchair malfunctions to knee replacements and pedicle screws.

Coupled with S-E-A’s team of experts, their new 110,000 square foot testing and research facility incorporates the latest technologies and resources including a scanning electron microscope (SEM), licensed in-vitro anatomic laboratory and FDA approved 3D patient specific reconstruction software for computational modeling.