Drug and Med Cross-Examination 101

Nov 28, 2018 9:00am – 12:00pm

Sean K. Burke
Duane Morris (Washington, DC)

Peter J. Goss
Blackwell Burke P.A. (Minneapolis, MN)

Because a drug or device trial often hinges on the expert witness testimony, knowing how to conduct an effective cross-examination of an expert is crucial in determining the direction of the litigation. Designed for those who are new to this type of litigation, this intensive 3-hour class will arm you with strategies on how to effectively use key case milestones, such as Daubert/Frye motions, as well as how to cross-examine a science and a regulatory/FDA expert. Points of discussion will include:  
  • Conveying easy to understand scientific concepts to the jury
  • Exacting jury-friendly concessions from the opposing expert
  • Highlighting the expert’s misuse of statistical data and methodology
  • How to undercut attempts to confuse principles of burden of proof with principles of statistical significance
  • Using the expert to establish the expertise of the FDA and pervasiveness of FDA review and oversight
  • Successfully showing — through cross — that the regulatory/FDA expert lacks sufficient qualifications in the area of proposed testimony
  • Using prior reports and testimony to demonstrate that the expert’s opinions are boilerplate and full of biases
  • Following the money: Using the total dollar figures the expert has made providing testimony against him/her