Workshop C: Cost, Competency and Communication Working Group: Drug and Medical Device In-House Counsel Speak on “The Three C’s”

Dec 9, 2019 2:00pm - 5:30pm



Howard Cyr
Assistant General Counsel – Global Litigation Counsel

Keyna Skeffington
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Rachel Gallagher
Director, Legal Counsel
Teva Pharmaceutical

Kailee Goold
Senior Counsel
Cardinal Health

What is it about?

Esteemed members of ACI’s Drug and Medical Device Litigation In-House Counsel Faculty will lead this new and comprehensive workshop. This unique, interactive discussion will provide exclusive, and intimate networking and benchmarking opportunities that will shed light on the expectations of in-house counsel from their law firm partners. It is also a vehicle for other in-house counsel to benchmark their current “3C’s” strategies with the workshop presenters.




  • Monitoring legal spend and balancing the budget
  • Establishing best practices for cost reduction to enhance predictability for cash flow purposes
  • Identifying processes to assist with budgeting, fee arrangements and billing
  • Examining the value of licensing deals and structures



  • Finding the right talent with time-proven strategies
  • Considerations in selecting outside counsel
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of work product
  •  Reconciling firm capabilities versus individual attorney reputation and ability



  • Communicating value and collaboration between corporate legal and outside counsel
  • Establishing the desired level of commitment, availability and responsiveness early-on in the relationship
  •  Succinctly focusing on shared, pragmatic business goals
  • Determining preferences for formality of correspondence and practical versus academic guidance