Workshop D: “Next Gen” Boot Camp: Training New Lawyers to Become Key Assets to the Future Products Liability Bar

Dec 9, 2019 2:00pm - 5:30pm



Bradley Matta
Associate Litigation Counsel

Gregory Jackson
Vice President, Litigation

Sandra Di lorio
Litigation Counsel
Endo Pharmaceuticals

What is it about?

In this interactive session, up-and-coming drug and medical device products liability attorneys will benefit from the career insights of established members of the defense bar. These senior members of the life sciences products liability bar will provide attendees with the nuanced information they have gained in the trenches of litigation and provide guidance on how new attorneys can excel and become rising stars in their practice. This workshop will provide the “next generation” of the life sciences defense products liability bar with valuable strategies for increasing their value to their clients and their firms, and for standing out amongst the crowd.


  • Understanding how junior lawyers can parlay their experience on a trial team to help increase trial experience and exposure, and stand out as someone to watch in the future
    • Maximizing your role on a junior lawyer discovery team
    • Showcasing research and writing skills as well as analytical capabilities and overall common sense
  • Developing strategies and best practices for reaching the mid-level management level
    • Establishing a plan to become a “rain maker” – devising your own business development plan
    • Understanding the importance of being perceived as a future leader who has the ability to be a team player
    • The art of never saying no to a project task
  • Identifying the goals of your 10-year plan and determining where you want your career path to lead
    • Partner?
    • In-house counsel?
    • Consultant?