Internal Investigations Program Benchmarking & GDPR Executive Council

Nov 27, 2018 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Designed as an exclusive, “closed door” benchmarking and networking opportunity, senior-level decision-makers will compare their internal investigations programs, and exchange concrete examples of successes and lessons learned. Audience members will also benefit from best practices for resolving pressing issues amid the interplay of GDPR, foreign labor laws, privilege, governance issues and budgetary constraints.

  • Addressing the most significant investigative challenges posed by GDPR, including:
    • risk of losing helpful, relevant data to the internal investigations
    • ramifications of erasing personal data: how to identify patterns of behavior and monitor ongoing issues
    • reconciling varying rules by Member State
    • impact of GDPR on disciplinary actions
  • Implications of GDPR for whistleblowers:
    • right to be forgotten
    • hurdles to providing retaliation protection
  • Managing the impact of foreign labor laws on the scope of internal investigations
  • Evolving an investigations program in your company, including reporting structures, and assignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Updating standards, manuals, policies, operating procedures for the team
  • Budget: How much you need to spend and mitigating the risk of spiraling costs
  • Delivering effective training to team members
  • When Attorney-Client privilege may not apply
  • When to involve outside counsel
  • Right-sizing internal investigations: Lessons from recent US DOJ enforcement actions and settlements
  • When and when not to investigate new or peripheral red flags
  • When to stop: How to know when to conclude the investigation
  • Governance issues: What types of matters to report to your Audit Committee and the Board