Special Pre-Conference Primer: Anti-Corruption Case Review of the Last 12 Months

Dec 3, 2019 6:30pm – 8:30pm

William B.F. Steinman
Steinman & Rodgers LLP

Shawn M. Wright
Blank Rome LLP

This session will bring you up-to-speed on enforcement developments over the last 12 months-and important, practical takeaways that will lay the groundwork for discussions during the main conference. Leading defense counsel involved in some of the most significant, high profile cases will focus on the most critical updates and settlement trends affecting your risk calculus, compliance program and internal investigations. Seating is limited! Due to popular demand, we encourage you to reserve your space early. Key topics will include:
  • Dissecting the top 10 most significant, surprising and impactful cases in the last 12 months
  • Which industries have been under the microscope, and what recent cases reveal about the potential for new “industry sweeps”
  • Recent cases impacting the future of FCPA settlements
  • Which circumstances have led to declinations, DPAs and NPAs
  • Which cases have led to an SEC settlement, but a DOJ declination-and why
  • What has triggered suspicion and a government investigation
  • What key settlements reveal about DOJ and SEC expectations
  • Trends in settlements, including penalty structures and remediation requirements
  • How the agencies have applied cooperation credit
  • Insights on DOJ and SEC coordination with foreign enforcement agencies
  • How to leverage the key lessons from settlements toward effecting compliance improvements in your organization