In the last five years, the use of AIA post-grant proceedings has grown exponentially. The tech, consumer products, electronics, and life sciences industries have all felt the impact of the IPRs, PGRs, and CBM proceedings on their patents. No industry is immune. More and more petitions are filed under the auspices of these proceedings each day and more decisions arrive from the PTAB and Federal Circuit- and even Supreme Court on these matters. As such, it is vital for every patent practitioner to stay continually updated on all developments in these proceedings as well as their impact on IP across various industries.   To help you with this task, American Conference Institute is pleased to present its third annual Post-Grant PTO Proceedings conference. Attend this event and hear from an esteemed faculty comprised of leading in-house counsel, top law firm IP attorneys, and present and former representatives from the PTO as they provide analysis and insider viewpoints on the most pressing issues affecting these proceedings as well as the latest developments at the PTO and PTAB. New sessions this year will address amending claims in IPRs post Aqua Products, Cuozzo, its “properly reviewable shenanigans” and related jurisprudence, and the ‘ins and outs’ of selecting and authenticating the best prior art references. We are also honored that Chief PTAB Judge Ruschke will present a keynote address at the conference.   This conference is the premier venue to gather with your peers to discuss and benchmark strategies to address the topics affecting your PTAB practice.   Don’t sit back while your competition gains this valuable knowledge. Register now by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-888-927-1563  or registering online. For information on sponsoring at this event, contact Esther Fleischhacker at [email protected].   We look forward to seeing you in New York in May.   Very truly yours, Julie E. Kurzrok, Esq. Legal Analyst and Program Director American Conference Institute  


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