As the co-chairs of the 2017 Women Leaders in Financial Services Law and Compliance conference, we are excited to welcome a group of inspiring women to come together to enjoy two days of meaningful substance, networking and consideration of what might be to come in our careers in the finance world. It is not often that an opportunity comes along to attend a conference geared specifically towards the needs and interests of women in legal and compliance in finance.   We highly recommend this conference to women in finance due to its innovative blend of content from experts in the field covering not only substantive financial legal and regulatory content, but also in the areas of leadership and development – those “soft” skills that we often think of as secondary, but can truly propel us in the right direction. We will have a wonderful opportunity to network with a diverse range of highly talented women in legal and finance from across the country – attending leaders will have various backgrounds, skill sets and seniority levels, which will help us relate to each other in a variety of ways.   This is a chance to step back, away from the demands of your day job and consider your career plan amongst a group of talented, inspiring and supportive women. We look forward to seeing you there and the sharing and learning that will happen for us all.   Very truly yours, Zara Reader, Linsey Krolik and Wanda Richards Co-Chairs    


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