What Major Actual and Proposed Legislative Changes mean for Complying Firms’ Positions

January 31, 2017 2:00pm

Jonathan Cedarbaum
Wilmer Hale LLP (Washington, DC)

Rod Thomas
Wiley Rein LLP (Washington, DC)

Matt Webb
Senior Vice President, Legal Reform Policy
US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (Washington, DC)

  • Impact of doubling of civil penalties for FCA violations to more than $21,000 per claim
  • Effect of Medicare’s “60-day rule” for reimbursements
  • What is the scope of and the early activity under the FAST Act?
  • Potential for reduced damages if certified compliance programs in place?
  • Could the DOJ be forced to pay for defense costs if cases deemed not meritorious?
  • Other proposals to improve the fairness of FCA: how likely are changes to be made in the coming years?
  • Proposals for new or strengthened whistleblower programs and their prospects for adoption