Corruption and graft are phenomena that in Mexico pervade politics, economics and society. That is one reason why all eyes are now on the upcoming implementation of El Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción. Mexico’s new anti-bribery legislation will have a major impact across the board from multinationals to law firms. It is thus that the latter are keen to optimally prepare themselves for new compliance challenges — in order to assure that business operations can continue unabatedly and in compliance with the new legislation. Importantly, both inside and outside counsel need to know to what extent the new anti-corruption system interacts with America’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, such as where Mexico’s legislation mandates stricter enforcement but also where the FCPA continues to be the primary measure of compliant business practices. The reason for this is that Mexico remains a hot market for investment across industries where competitive advantages can not only be maintained but extended. This is your chance to learn how!   Complement your Anti-Corruption Expertise and Perfect your Compliance Strategy! American Conference Institute is offering a unique opportunity to learn how these new challenges in Mexico are expected to play out and what strategies exist to master the same. Benefit from expert sessions, including:  
  • USDOJ and SEC Update on SEC Enforcement: What are targeted violations, what industries are under investigation, and how US and Mexican authorities are cooperating
  • An Inside Look at Effective Risk Assessments: How to detect bribery schemes and high risk structures that could trigger an investigation
  • Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Facts and Hypotheticals: How to handle complex relationship-building scenarios specific to Mexico
  • Managing Third Party Due Diligence and Auditing: A special focus on transparency of ownership, data privacy and risks posed by unavailability of information
  • Where Companies Go Wrong with Internal Investigations and how to minimize risk upon suspicion of corrupt conduct
  • How to Establish an Effective Whistleblower Protocol and navigate Mexico’s complex employment legislation
  Exclusive Working Groups (March 30, 2017) A How to Build a Best-in-Class Third Party Risk Management Program B What are the “Ins and Outs” of an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Today?      


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