Workshop B – (International Delegate) | What are the “Ins and Outs” of an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Today?

Mar 30, 2017 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Matthew D. Schreiber
Director of Legal Affairs and Assistant General Counsel, Americas
Juniper Networks, Inc. (USA)

Michael A. Ferrier
General Counsel
Cenergy International Services (USA)

Camila von Ancken
Regional Compliance Counsel, LATAM
Google (Brazil)

This expert working session offers a unique opportunity to benchmark your anti-corruption compliance program with peers. Experienced workshop facilitators will discuss local as well as non-Mexican regulators’ expectations for an effective compliance program. The presenters will lay out a roadmap of best practices on multifarious topics and address questions and concerns of the audience to enable attendees to obtain real-world practical insights and information on lessons learned.  
  • Identifying the design, structure and backbone of an effective anti-corruption program
  • How to groom the next generation of compliance champions at all layers of your organization:
    • Assembling the best team
    • Sharing ownership and commitment
    • Operational and financial capacity
    • Personnel and stakeholder communication, and the importance of relationship building
  • How to achieve C-Suite buy-in for your compliance program
  • What are appropriate financial resources for compliance: How to identify what resources are most critical to a robust program
  • Cultural translation of compliance: 5 Hurdles to overcome to ensure robustness of your local anti-corruption training program
  • How to entice, entertain and “gently frighten” your trainees to promote compliance and keep your periodic training “fresh”
  • Best practices for third party intermediary and partner due diligence and ongoing monitoring
  • How to leverage up-and-coming technology and data analytics that provide meaningful metrics and drive your compliance strategy: Dashboards, average headcount, average cycle time
  • How to perform a program self-assessment and keep it current to satisfy government expectations: How to test whether your program is working
  • How to expand your compliance program to include related commercial issues beyond anti-corruption: gray market issues, competition law compliance/issues, export control/compliance issues, etc.