Day 1 - Monday, June 12, 2017

Co-Chairs Opening Remarks

Asta Nie
Group Trade Compliance Manager
Microsoft APAC Trade (Shanghai)

James Kenneth Lockett
Vice President, Head of Trade Facilitation and Market Access
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)


Status Update on Key China Customs Reform Developments

Yong Zhou
JunHe LLP (Beijing)

Asta Nie
Group Trade Compliance Manager
Microsoft APAC Trade (Shanghai)


  • Practical review of the current Shanghai Customs transition from import examination to self-service importation by the importer of record
  • How to get prepared to clear with customs without the face to face interaction with any customs officials
  • How to mobilize and coordinate internal and external recourses for the self-service import clearances
  • The non-tariff measures in clearing with the China Customs some import products, such as new technology, new products, nutrition supplements, food and cosmetics
  • What procedures the e-commerce platform and the business operator thereof must follow to comply with the most recent customs import regulatory requirements for cross-border e-commence business
  • Impact on WTO and FTA
  • Updating on Free Trade Zone development
  • Future trends of customs and trade regulations, special or interim duty programs and other procedural reform

In-house Trade Compliance Officers Think Tank: What Leading Companies are Doing to Ensure Compliance and Leverage the Benefits of the Custom Facilitation Program

Shanshan Xu
Senior Partner
Shanghai Hiways Law Firm (Shanghai)

Cindy Wang
Corporate Import and Export Compliance Director
Honeywell (Shanghai)

Eunice Ma
Senior Asia Trade Compliance Manager
SanDisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

企业贸易合规官智囊团:先进企业如 何取保合规及如何充分享受海关新 政策  

  • What is an efficient structure for the trade compliance, what are leading companies doing to improve their operational performance
  • How to identify the trade team’s value position
  • How to allocate import compliance function and resources, coordinate with finance, tax, logistics, and legal
  • How to test your compliance programme and detect potential import breaches
  • How to select and retain the trade team
  • How to develop effective training programmes for employees and third parties How to assess customs compliance risks based on geographic, sector, function, third party and other factors
  • How to develop a strategy and the right personnel to establish a rational working relationship with customs authorities

Coffee and Tea Break



How to Strengthen Self- Assessments in Trade Compliance Programs in Light of the Newest Customs Requirements

Dr. Haixiao Helen Zhang
Zhong Lun (Shanghai)

Dr. Zhu Qiuyuan
Professor Law Department
Shanghai Customs College (Shanghai)

Joan Pan
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (Beijing) -A Unisplendour and HP Joint Venture

如何在海关的新规定下加强企业贸易 合规程序的内控和自我评估  

  • What are the core components of an effective self-auditing procedure
  • What to expect from China customs post-import review
  • Implement and continuously improving self-assessment procedures
  • How to implement periodic internal audit procedure
  • Discuss self-disclosure in the new regulation and its benefits to ensure the appropriate corrective actions are taken
  • How to conduct voluntary audit and conduct self-audit report

Keynote Address

Owen Haacke
Chief Representative, Shanghai Office
US-China Business Council (Shanghai)


Networking Luncheon


Customs Valuation: A Practical Guide to Resolving Complex Royalty Payment Issues

Angela Zhao
Customs Compliance Manager
Lear Corporation (Shanghai)

Bryce Wu
Asia Pacific Trade Compliance Director
Dell (Shanghai)

Cindy Cao
Customs and Export Control
Dragger Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

海关估价:如何解析纷繁复杂的许可 证使用费问题  

  • Recent customs investigations trend: Emphasis on royalty payments
  • Deciphering key provisions governing royalty payments in China
  • How to define the impact price between related parties
  • How to find the same or identical product for unique product to prove the royalty payment is reasonably charged by headquarter
  • How to resolve the reducing method discrepancy between the customs and company
  • Preventing the common mistakes importers make regarding evaluation
  • Interpreting the customs “functional analysis and benchmarking result sections of the transfer pricing documents
  • How to conduct a thorough internal review before making any submission to China Customs

How to Effectively Work and Communicate with China Customs Regarding Post-Entry Investigations and Audits

Deming Zhao
Senior Partner
HaoLiWen Partners

Mandy Yu
China Trade Compliance Manager
National Instruments (Shanghai)

如何有效与沟通海关沟通来配合好境 后稽查和检查  

  • Checklist on the customs investigation procedure
  • What are the elements China Customs will investigate
  • How to communicate and negotiate with different customs agencies effectively to save time and avoid extra duty and penalty
  • Key pitfalls to avoid when preparing for broadening scope of China customs investigation
  • What China Customs expects your written policies and procedures to include
  • What to expect from the Customs for internal control
  • Corporate rights during the investigation

Coffee and Tea Break


AEO Qualified Companies Discuss How to Qualify and Transition to New AEO System

Chris Chen
China Customs Manager
GM International Operations

James Kenneth Lockett
Vice President, Head of Trade Facilitation and Market Access
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)

中国海关新AEO体系讨论,如何根据 AEO标准自我评估,申请和调整内部贸 易流程  

  • How to transit from old “AA” system to AEO system
  • How to apply to AEO different level, what are standard self-assessment process
  • What kind of documentation and report you should submit to apply for AEO system
  • How to implement the AEO system in the company departments including administration, logistics, finance, quality, procurement, and even security guards
  • Using a third party to implement and monitor the AEO system: pros and cons
  • AEO system which will be accepted in the Asia, other regions countries

Classification: How to Resolve Complex Classification Discrepancy Between Company and China Customs

Mingming Dai
Former Vice Chair
Shanghai Customs Classification Center (Shanghai)

Jason Lin
Senior International Trade Compliance Officer, China & Hong Kong
TE Connectivity (Shanghai)

货品分类:如何解决纷繁复杂的货品 归类分歧  

  • Practical review of the HS, local practice challenges, and the solutions to resolve
  • How to present arguments if you don’t agree with Customs
  • How to find technical proof and definite the correct fiction for the goods
  • How to gain relative outside support to proof your codes
  • How to communicate and escalate the argument to General Administrative Customs in Beijing
  • Discussing World Customs Organization New Amendment and its future impact on China Classification

Conference Ends