Classification: How to Resolve Complex Classification Discrepancy Between Company and China Customs

June 12, 2017 4:30pm

Mingming Dai
Former Vice Chair
Shanghai Customs Classification Center (Shanghai)

Jason Lin
Senior International Trade Compliance Officer, China & Hong Kong
TE Connectivity (Shanghai)

货品分类:如何解决纷繁复杂的货品 归类分歧  
  • Practical review of the HS, local practice challenges, and the solutions to resolve
  • How to present arguments if you don’t agree with Customs
  • How to find technical proof and definite the correct fiction for the goods
  • How to gain relative outside support to proof your codes
  • How to communicate and escalate the argument to General Administrative Customs in Beijing
  • Discussing World Customs Organization New Amendment and its future impact on China Classification