Customs Valuation: A Practical Guide to Resolving Complex Royalty Payment Issues

June 12, 2017 1:45pm

Cindy Cao
Customs and Export Control
Dragger Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Angela Zhao
Customs Compliance Manager
Lear Corporation (Shanghai)

Bryce Wu
Asia Pacific Trade Compliance Director
Dell (Shanghai)

海关估价:如何解析纷繁复杂的许可 证使用费问题  
  • Recent customs investigations trend: Emphasis on royalty payments
  • Deciphering key provisions governing royalty payments in China
  • How to define the impact price between related parties
  • How to find the same or identical product for unique product to prove the royalty payment is reasonably charged by headquarter
  • How to resolve the reducing method discrepancy between the customs and company
  • Preventing the common mistakes importers make regarding evaluation
  • Interpreting the customs “functional analysis and benchmarking result sections of the transfer pricing documents
  • How to conduct a thorough internal review before making any submission to China Customs