In-house Trade Compliance Officers Think Tank: What Leading Companies are Doing to Ensure Compliance and Leverage the Benefits of the Custom Facilitation Program

June 12, 2017 10:00am

Cindy Wang
Corporate Import and Export Compliance Director
Honeywell (Shanghai)

Shanshan Xu
Senior Partner
Shanghai Hiways Law Firm (Shanghai)

Eunice Ma
Senior Asia Trade Compliance Manager
SanDisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

企业贸易合规官智囊团:先进企业如 何取保合规及如何充分享受海关新 政策  
  • What is an efficient structure for the trade compliance, what are leading companies doing to improve their operational performance
  • How to identify the trade team’s value position
  • How to allocate import compliance function and resources, coordinate with finance, tax, logistics, and legal
  • How to test your compliance programme and detect potential import breaches
  • How to select and retain the trade team
  • How to develop effective training programmes for employees and third parties How to assess customs compliance risks based on geographic, sector, function, third party and other factors
  • How to develop a strategy and the right personnel to establish a rational working relationship with customs authorities