How to Strengthen Self- Assessments in Trade Compliance Programs in Light of the Newest Customs Requirements

June 12, 2017 11:00am

Dr. Haixiao Helen Zhang
Zhong Lun (Shanghai)

Dr. Zhu Qiuyuan
Professor Law Department
Shanghai Customs College (Shanghai)

Joan Pan
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (Beijing) -A Unisplendour and HP Joint Venture

如何在海关的新规定下加强企业贸易 合规程序的内控和自我评估  
  • What are the core components of an effective self-auditing procedure
  • What to expect from China customs post-import review
  • Implement and continuously improving self-assessment procedures
  • How to implement periodic internal audit procedure
  • Discuss self-disclosure in the new regulation and its benefits to ensure the appropriate corrective actions are taken
  • How to conduct voluntary audit and conduct self-audit report