As the use of encryption technology continues to rise and becomes a more integral part of companies’ global business strategies, trade compliance, security and engineering teams are faced with implementing complex rules affecting their organizations’ bottom lines. For the past six years, trade and security compliance professionals have gathered at American Conference Institute’s 7th Advanced Industry Forum on Global Encryption, Cloud & Cyber Export Controls to hear from experts across the globe on how to interpret and apply evolving requirements. Once again for 2017, this program will navigate the ins and outs of complying with U.S. and foreign encryption controls. You will meet and learn from experts in encryption controls across a number of key jurisdictions, including the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, France and Russia. Benchmark and network with an updated speaker faculty of industry leaders, and hear how they are updating their worldwide encryption compliance strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain critical, in depth and practical information that will help you and your colleagues with resolving daily global compliance challenges. For further details and to register, please call 888-224-2480 or register online. Widely regarded as the only comprehensive event of its kind, this conference is the must-attend forum for anyone looking to network and benchmark with leading exporters on encryption, cloud and cyber export controls. Benefits of Attending This Event:
  • Hear from key U.S. and EU Government Officials on the EU Human Rights and Cyber Proposal, and WASSENAAR changes
  • Gain global compliance best practices from speakers based in the U.S., EU, China, Israel, Japan and Singapore
  • Get up-to-speed on new foreign encryption, cloud and cyber compliance requirements
  • Participate in enhanced discussions and practical exercises on cloud computing
  • Enhance your learning at pre-conference working groups on the recent U.S. encryption changes and export compliance benchmarking
  • Update your strategy for IT export compliance at the post-conference seminar on IT Management of Export Controls
  • “Impressed by the large number of expert speakers.” – Synopsys
  • “Very content rich – excellent conference management.“ – 3M
  • “Subjects/topics were very good for this conference. As always, ACI leads in enabling and facilitating excellent conferences, active interaction and speakers who are willing to describe and offer legal advice and best practices.” – Tyco


Park Central Hotel San Francisco

50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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