The annual meeting place for Mexico’s anti-corruption community.


ACI’s annual Mexico Anti-Corruption Summit is the premier anti-corruption compliance event for local industry due the caliber of expert speakers, seniority of delegates and complexity of legal and compliance issues discussed.

Several months after the election of AMLO and a new congressional assembly, it is time to assess the present anti-corruption landscape. Given the high hopes pinned on AMLO, who was elected on a near-exclusive anti-corruption message, what has been achieved so far with respect to clamping down on corruption. Several questions remain: 

  • How is AMLO’s government approaching the fight against corruption differently than its predecessors? Is it proving to be effective?
  • Will the Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción be implemented fully and enforced?
  • What are the implications for industry and multinationals and the steps they will need to take to remain compliant with Mexican anti-corruption legislation?
  • How will cooperation with U.S. FCPA enforcement authorities look like going forward?


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