Dovetailing Complex U.S. and Foreign Encryption Requirements in Practice: Industry’s Latest, Best Practices for Meeting Global Compliance Requirements

March 28, 2018 8:35am

Alexandra S. Haney
Group Export Control, Counsel
BAE Systems plc. (London, United Kingdom)

Kathleen Gebeau
Senior Director, Export Compliance
Qualcomm (San Diego, CA)


Dan Fisher-Owens
Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP (San Francisco, CA)

Take this opportunity to benchmark with peers. Gain insights on the latest, best practices to create compliant protocols in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape—accounting for regimes currently undergoing reform and countries that are passing entirely new legislation.  
  • How to work with partners in different countries and incorporate global encryption regulations into the earliest, product development stages
  • Tips for staying on top of Wassenaar and country-by-country legislation according to where you do business
  • Creating an adaptable global policy to account for both existing and emerging regulation
  • How U.S. export laws intersect foreign requirements with now de-controlled products, re-exports, and more