The Latest Developments in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Claims: Examining Recent Court Rulings, EEOC Activity, and Litigation Trends

September 26, 2017 1:30pm

A. Chinyere Ezie
Trial Attorney

J. Randall Coffey

Fisher & Phillips LLP

Christopher G. Gegwich

Nixon Peabody LLP

Martha S. Doty
Alston & Bird LLP

  • Examining the latest court activity and key rulings involving claims of sexual orientation and gender identity/transgender/gender expression discrimination (e.g. cases involving hiring, firing, failure to promote, failure to provide bathroom access to corresponding gender identity, unequal pay, harassment, etc.)
  • The latest case law surrounding an employer’s denial of spousal benefits to an employee’s same-sex spouse
  • Where are the courts drawing the line between discrimination on the basis of gender stereotyping and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/sexual identity?
  • The latest EEOC activity surrounding this issue – what is Trump’s administration doing with this?
  • Understanding the protections afforded to LGBT employees in your particular state, and navigating such discrimination claims amidst inconsistent and uncertain legal guidelines
  • Practical guidance for employers on how to handle transgender employees within the workplace – navigating unknown territory with regard to:
    • What policies should be established?
    • What training should be provided to employees and supervisors?
    • What complaint reporting procedures should be in place?
    • What accommodations should be provided to transgender employees?