Beth Bertelson

Bertelson Law Offices PA

BETH BERTELSON is a Partner at Bertelson Law Offices PA. Beth has limited her professional practice to labor and employment law. At Bertelson Law Office, Beth provides clients with a combination of strong advocacy, extensive experience in employment law, and a commitment to preserving their integrity while pursuing their legal goals. She represents employees in litigation and pre-litigation negotiations in matters involving severance, discrimination, retaliation, and non-compete agreements, and other employment related issues. Because Beth practices exclusively in employment law, she understands that a job is more than just a paycheck. As a legal advocate she is aware that employment conflicts can impact employees physically, emotionally, and financially. Bertelson Law Office has successfully represented hundreds of clients with employment law claims through litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Beth also has 20 years of experience as a certified mediator.