3rd National Forum on Team Telecom

Apr 12, 2023 8:30am – 1:30pm

Join us for the Country’s premier event on Team Telecom!

The renamed Committee for the Assessment of Foreign Participation in the United States Telecommunications Services Sector, commonly referred to as the Team Telecom Committee, now has a more official role in reviewing applications for telecom licenses, deals and other requests made to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, the implementation of the new official structure, scope, timelines and filing system has created some growing pains and uncertainty-and a myriad of grey areas.

The American Conference Institute’s 3rd National Team Telecom Conference will take place in Arlington, VA on April 12, 2023. Taking place the day prior to the 9th National Conference on CFIUS, join us for this half-day program on critical strategies for managing reviews in the new Team Telecom environment, meeting new timelines, addressing uncertainty, and overcoming newfound challenges and pitfalls.

Following President Biden’s Executive Order, the U.S. Department of Justice has renewed focus to ensure the safeguarding of Personal Sensitive Data, including its collection, storage and access. Without a law to protect this sector, how will government agencies close the gap to protect personal sensitive data, and how will the current laws evolve? During this session delegates will gain key takeaways and best practices for complying with the enhanced security measures.

  • Examining what tools government agencies are using to safeguard personal data
  • Best practices for working with government agencies and helping clients bridge the gap
  • Best practices for collecting, storing and accessing personal sensitive data
  • Anticipating how regulations may evolve to better protect personal sensitive data

According to the Federal Communications Commission’s February 2022 filing, the known vulnerabilities in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which governs internet traffic routing, continue to put U.S. person and commercial data and communications at risk of theft, espionage and sabotage by foreign adversaries. This session will delve into how the FCC is considering how to secure internet routing.

  • Utilizing technology to ensure that there is no misrouting and ensuring the data flow is correct
  • Ensuring routes and procedures are put together to protect the gateways

11:00 am

Networking Break

During this session speakers will delve into some of the recent court cases that invite the Federal Communications Commission. Delegates will discuss the significance and the impact of the decisions and how it may affect cases going forward. Cases being discussed will include:

  • China Telecom (Ams.) Corp. vs. FCC No. 21-1233
  • Pacific Networks Corp, v. FCC, NO. 22-01054

Digging into mitigation agreements. While the government is increasingly favoring standard terms on mitigation agreements, they don’t work for every company. This session will dig into the challenges with standard terms, as well as complications arising from non-standard terms, and how to best mitigate an agreement for each.

  • Identifying standard terms that might not work for your mitigation agreement
  • Negotiating non-standard terms, including special requirements for:
    • Investors not being allow into facilities
    • Vendor approvals
    • Increase percentages
    • Entities in the mix
  • Equipment approvals
  • Tailored access restrictions

There is no safe harbor in the world of Team Telecom regulation compliance. Under the Article 6 of the Team Telecom regulation, licenses can be reviewed at any time. As technology continues to advance, Team Telecom has been actively reviewing more licenses. This session will examine what can trigger a review and how companies can prepare.

  • Examining what technology advancements can trigger a licence review
  • Analyzing the national security benefits of a review

1:30 pm
Closing Comments from the Chair