Introduction to CFIUS Filings: Your A-to-Z Guide the CFIUS Compliance Process, Including Filings, Timelines, Enforcement, and Penalties

Apr 12, 2023 9:30am – 01:00 PM

Eileen Keenan
Attorney Advisor, National Security Division, Foreign Investment Review Section
U.S. Department of Justice

John C. Rood
CEO and Chairman
Momentus Space

What is the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)? Designed for professionals who are new to this nuanced national security sector or seeking a refresher, this introductory session will discuss the basic regulatory standard necessary for a CFIUS filing. Delegates will gain an understanding of the national security reasons for CFIUS filings, the scrutiny given to filings, as well as the timelines for processing a filing. Topics will include: 

  • Under what circumstances does FIRRMA give CFIUS authority to:
    • Impose an interim mitigation agreement?
    • Require plans for monitoring compliance with mitigation agreements?
    • Determine that a current or older mitigation agreement is no longer warranted?
    • Allow for the use of third-party, independent parties to monitor agreements?
  • Calculating timelines for submitting a mandatory declaration or notice
  • Analyzing what can cause delays and how to avoid them
  • Examining basic enforcement action for non-filing and penalties

A light lunch will be served to those attending both workshops