Featured Speakers

Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr
Chairman Emeritus, Stimson Center
Fmr Asst. SecState
Political Mil. Affairs
Dep Asst. to the VP, Natl. SEC Affairs, Prin. Dep Asst. SecDef
Intl. SEC Affairs, US Special Envoy

Lieutenant General (USMC-ret) Steven R. Rudder
Former Deputy Commandant for Aviation, USMC, Former Commanding General
United States Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

David Breede
PEO, C4, Center for Special Operations
Forces, Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (SOF AT&L)


Colonel Clark Bramante
Commander, 163rd Attack Wing, CA ANG March ABF

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About the Conference

Attendees will be provided the latest in DoD and Government UAV Development Plans, Programs, Requirements and Opportunities for Industry, as well as an interactive environment amongst delegates and topics discussed where a blending of keynotes and special presentations and panels will address:

  • Future UAV Development Opportunities and Trends – DoD International and more
  • Special Operations Forces (AT&L) – Unmanned Aircraft R&D and Procurement Programs
  • Emerging UAV Service Needs and Initiatives – Air Force, Navy, Army & Marine Corps.
  • COCOM UAV Needs, Challengers and Requirements
  • UAV Cutting-edge Weapon Technologies, Initiatives and Tactics
  • Emerging UAV Sensors and Secure Communications
  • Urban Air & Advanced Air Mobility Future Vision
  • The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a Future Vision of MUM-T
  • CUAS Military Capabilities in Ukraine and the Middle East
  • Rapid and Assured, Highly Automated Aerial Distribution to Small Units Operating in Contested Environments
  • UAV Innovation for a Next Gen ISR
  • Emerging Civil and Commercial UAS Opportunities

The Conference runs under Chatham House rule with no media or press in attendance. Participants are strictly vetted; certain citizens are not admitted to the conference.

Enhance your understanding of the key DoD & Government latest needs, requirements, capabilities and industry opportunities

Meet key policymakers, leading subject matter experts, UAS thought leadership and innovators

Learn about the key solutions and technologies to enhance stealth, lethality, agility, and situational awareness

Improve your understanding of unmanned technologies to transform force structure for the future fight in contested operating environments

Top Organizations that ARE ATTENDING

  • 1A Drone
  • AeroSpace & Defense Industry Partners
  • AeroVironment Inc
  • Aevex Aerospace
  • Anduril
  • Collins Aerospace
  • DTC
  • DZYNE Technologies, LLC
  • Ensign Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company
  • Epirus
  • EpiSci
  • Everfox
  • Frontier Precision
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc
  • General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • HevenDrones
  • Kratos Defense
  • L3Harris TDL
  • Mach Industries
  • Owl Cyber Defense
  • Persistent Systems
  • Platform Aerospace
  • Precision Integrated Programs
  • Resolute ISR
  • RTI
  • SAIC
  • ScioTeq
  • Scurry Associates
  • Sentient Vision Systems
  • Shield AI
  • Signalink, Inc.
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp
  • Silvus Technologies
  • Surface Development Squadron ONE (CSDS 1)
  • Teledyne FLIR Defense
  • Thales Avionics Limited
  • The Cunningham Group
  • ThermoAnalytics Incorporation
  • Thiel Capital LLC
  • Transportation Security Administration TSA
  • Trillium Engineering
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Special Operations Command
  • UAS San Diego
  • Unmanned Systems Department – Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • USNFSC US Fourth Fleet
  • XVIII Airborne Corps
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