Corporations and Individuals as Defendants: Things That People Don’t Talk About – But Should

March 11, 2021 8:20am

Salah M. Mattoo

Salah M. Mattoo
Senior Attorney
Winston & Strawn LLP (United Kingdom)

Ritankar Sahu
Visiting Scholar
Duke University
(Former General Counsel & Head of Compliance at MAXpower Corporation, 2017-2020)

Both corporations and individuals have been facing increased and unprecedented liability risks as enforcement agencies worldwide intensify their focus on prosecuting individuals. This panel will address important, new trends and pressing issues to flag now – with topics of discussion to include:

  • In-house and outside counsel, compliance officers and financial executives under the microscope: Defense counsel perspectives on emerging new liability trends
  • The move toward prosecutions of corporate “gatekeepers” in particular, including general counsel, chief compliance officers and accountants
  • Scope of the legal and compliance officers’ obligations to investigate potential red flags and monitor suspicious activity
  • Recent enforcement actions against individual executives and key takeaways